Vision 3000 Announces Launch of the First Arab Superhero Movie “ANTAAR”

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In the presence of HRH Sheikha Dana Al-Sabah, film makers, stars and public figures, Vision 3000 proudly announced the launch of “ANTAAR” - a game-changing Arab superhero live action feature film executively produced by Salim Zahabi, with production being helmed by London based producer Tyrone Satchwell.

“ANTAAR” is the first film of this scale produced in the gulf region, with an A-list cast being attached in the near future. “ANTAAR” features a superhero character distinguished with genes of a legendary hero, famous for his Arab poetry and courage, derived from rich Arabian history. Salim Zahabi: "ANTAAR" is an Arabian dream.

Whilst presenting at the launch ceremony, journalist Heba Al-Haidari said: "Some of you may be wondering about the importance of presenting an Arab superhero to the world today, and this is what tonight's speakers and our party guests who came from different countries of the world will reveal to us during this press conference."

Behind this successful project is Salim Zahabi, CEO of Vision 3000. He announced during his reveal, “Today, with the great development witnessed by the United Arab Emirates, the ‘Emirati dream’ replaced the ‘American dream’, and since we are today in the land of opportunities, where nothing is impossible, we have chosen to launch this ambitious project coinciding with the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee.” Producer

Tyrone Satchwell stated that “ANTAAR” is “the first project in the region of its kind and it will create thousands of jobs in the area.”

Salim Zahabi explained the details of choosing the character “ANTAAR" revealing that he is the son of the well-known poet Aantara Ibin Shaddad, whom no one could confront until they killed him with a poisoned arrow. Aantara left a will to his son through one verse, and from there begins the story of “ANTAAR”, who will complete his father's mission.

Salim Zahabi highlighted the success Superhero characters have achieved over the course of the years, socially, artistically and economically, and that is why it was time to launch an Arab personality that interacts with our future generations who resort to international personalities in the absence of Arab personalities.

Among the celebrities in attendance, Miss Britain, Lynn Cliff, gave a speech in which she said that she was happy to come and support this creative artistic party in the UAE prior to its launch. “This character will enjoy great and global success as long as those behind him carry all this passion and love for their work and dream of excellence and success.”

On a marketing level, Mrs Shyrine Yaghi presented evidence and figures demonstrating the success of similar characters over the years, and confirmed that investing in films with Superhero characters has always achieved great success. She pointed out that the film that will premiere in the year 2023 will be the first film in a continuous film series.

At the end of the ceremony, Salim Zahabi revealed the first anthropomorphic ANTAAR, which reached 2.5 meters in length, and won the admiration of the attendees, before some personalities were honoured on the side lines of this ceremony.

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