Tata Play: The Exciting Story Behind Young & Vibrant Brand Identity

The growing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and changing content consumption behavior of customers have forced the DTH service providers in India to expand their offerings beyond regular direct-to-home (DTH) services. With personal viewing and on-demand video streaming becoming increasingly popular, most DTH operators aim to deliver a hybrid television viewing experience to customers, allowing them to watch content from both OTT platforms and linear TV in one place.

One of India’s biggest DTH providers has taken a bold move to deliver a more immersive and connected entertainment experience to its customers. Tata Sky is now Tata Play. With the new identity, the brand will provide a unified experience, where customers can watch their favorite TV shows and popular content from various OTT platforms, including Netflix, on one platform using Tata Play smart set-top box. Tata Play subscribers will get a unified entertainment experience - anytime, anywhere, and on any screen.

Besides these enticing new features, the company now also wears a new name, brand mark, and colors as part of its refreshed identity. So, let’s look at the story behind the conception of Tata Play:

Tata Play: The New Name for a Unified Brand Identity

Tata Play has remained a dominant force in the Indian DTH industry in the last 15 years. With the increasing customer trust, the company gradually expanded in the OTT and fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband space with offerings like Tata Play Binge and Tata Play Fiber. With the recent rebranding, the company has promised offerings like OTT+DTH content on one platform, zero reconnection charges, and free service visits to ensure uninterrupted entertainment for customers. The company has chosen the new brand name “Tata Play” as it perfectly represents its expanded product portfolio and higher focus on the OTT segment. The new name also gives the brand immense business growth and diversification opportunities.

Concerning the new name and identity, Tata Play stated in a press release, “At the core of this rebranding is a change of the company name to Tata Play – an inclusive and scalable identity that will accelerate the forward momentum of the company and aid further diversification into allied business.”

In my view, the term “Play” makes the brand more youthful, fun-driven, and simplistic. It also denotes the flexibility, freedom, and ease of use that the brand is committed to delivering to its customers. By subscribing to Tata Play DTH services, customers get a joyful experience with multiple flexible options like

- Pre-curated OTT and DTH packs

- Multi-screen and voice control functionality

- Live TV recording

- Video-on-demand library with 1000+ movies and TV shows

- Smart content suggestions, and much more.

Tata Play: The New Brand Mark and Colors to Make the Brand More Distinctive

The Tata Play brandmark used by the company in this rebranding has been created in cohesion with the “Tata” mark, a symbol of trust, quality, and excellence in India. With the Tata Play brandmark, the company will continue to deliver exceptional services like earlier, but in a more fun-filled, personalized, and innovative way.

The Volte font used in the Tata Play brandmark is a modern geometric sans-serif font. In my view, this modern font gives a contemporary, elegant, and consistent look to the entire Tata Play brandmark. In addition, the company has chosen pink, purple, dark blue, and white as the preferred colors for its refreshed look. These colors evoke the emotions of playfulness and passion and make the overall brand vibrant and distinctive.

Talking about the new brandmark and colors, Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer at Tata Play Ltd., said, “The Tata Play brandmark and play mark takes inspiration from the “Tata” mark - borrowing and reinforcing the trust, quality, and recognition of India’s most valuable brand.

Summing it up, Tata Play - with its new brandmark and colors - has formed a more youthful, vibrant, and future-proof brand identity that will allow it to maintain forward momentum while delivering world-class home entertainment to Indian customers. The powerful new OTT combo packs and add-on services introduced alongside the brand refresh will make Tata Play customers say “entertainment aur bhi Jingalala.”

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