ZEE5 Original Series ‘Abhay’ Is Back With A Bigger And Grander Second Season

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In its second season, Abhay gets bigger and grander in terms of scale as well as scope. This also means that it gets darker and more menacing.  After all, it is essentially a police procedural-cum-crime thriller that’s set in a diabolical world inhabited by cannibalistic killers, blood-thirsty prostitutes, and homophobic murders. In the first season we got introduced to Abhay Pratap Singh, an investigative officer essayed by Kunal Khemu. Now, what does a cop do to apprehend such remorseless killers? Well, Abhay’s biggest asset is that unlike his peers he can think like a criminal. He is capable of hunting down the most vicious murderers through his gifted ingenuity and logical deductions   Also, he is willing go to any extent to solve a case. In the second season again Abhay is willing to walk the road to justice. He is still his own justice system and delivering justice in his own way. As cases become gorier and more horrific, showing the darkest sides of human psyche, Abhay too must up his game to outthink and outmaneuver the society’s most depraved sociopaths and psychopaths.

One of the biggest USPs of the second season of Abhay is a richer ensemble cast featuring the likes of Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, and Raghav Juval. Khemu yet again delivers a convincing performance thanks to his restrained acting which allows him to make Abhay a very relatable character despite the inner darkness he must channelize from time to time to nab the depraved criminal masterminds he is routinely pitted against. The episodic villains that we come across are absolutely kickass—whether the avuncular character, essayed by Chunky Pandey with menacing rage, or the hardened sex worker portrayed by Bidita Bag with gleeful obsession, or the homophobic killer essayed by Raghav Juval like a man possessed.

Then there is the season’s main antagonist played by Ram Kapoor with a scalpel-like precision to the great surprise of everyone. The cat and mouse game between Kapoor’s enigmatic criminal mastermind and Abhay pushes the stakes higher than ever.  Facing insurmountable odds and with his world turned upside down, Abhay must once again rise to the occasion and face the challenge that will test the very foundations of his moral existence. To quote Friedrich Nietzsche: “He who fights monsters must take care lest he become a monster.” Will Abhay yet again succeed in finding light at the end of the tunnel or will he finally succumb to darkness and moral corruption?

The writing department yet again takes the cherry for going the extra mile. It’s really commendable that all the cases featured in the series are true crime stories which are either solved or closed. The crime is of course fictionalized for dramatic purposes but the characters and scenarios are presented in a highly realistic manner which makes them very believable. Ken Ghosh’s brilliant direction yet again stands out. He not only succeeds in eliciting brilliant performances from all his actors but he also manages to deliver an edge-of-the-seat thriller that never really loosens its grip on the viewer. Also, the brilliant editing and the background music immensely enhance the mood and the tone of the series. If you love the crime genre then you cannot afford to miss the series. But, it’s certainly not meant for the faint-hearted.

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