'Lootcase' Review: A dark comedy with well-timed punch lines

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By Shubhangi Jain

Lootcase, directed by Rajesh Krishnan, revolves around the screenplay that every middle class dreams of – the dream of becoming filthy rich. The film features Kunal Khemu (Nandan Kumar) and Rasika Dugal (Lata) in the lead roles with Vijay Raaz (Bala Rathore), Gajraj Rao (MLA Patil) and Ranvir Shorey (Inspector Madhav Kothe) in supporting roles.

The film begins with Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu) who is shown as a typical middle class blue collared worker working in a printing press struggling to fulfil his family needs. His wife Lata (Rasika Dugal) keeps telling him to invest in some other business which would bring home some extra income. Along with his wife we also see Nandan’s son Ayush (Aryan Prajapati) who like every other kid has endless demands.

On his way back home from work one night, Nandan sees his life take a sensational turn. He discovers a red suitcase brimming with wads of 2000-rupee notes which could completely change his standard of living and would solve all his family problems. Thus, before grasping it, he makes this fairly innocent declaration: "Last time poonch rahaan hoon, kiska bag hain?" Once Nandan acknowledges there are no takers, he quickly runs to grab the suitcase. Be that as it may, the man is a chawl inhabitant and his neighbours are a bunch of boisterous, troublesome individuals. Furthermore, his significant other? A 'poojari's beti' who wouldn't acknowledge this unwanted visitor despite the fact that she's continually giving him anguish over the family's desperate money related situation.

Nandan is unaware that the bag belongs to a manipulative legislator, Patil, and is bound for the location of another government official. Before it arrives outside an open urinal on a road named Pipe Road, it was being taken care of by two small time hoodlums who have an obligation to the aforementioned government official. The story is unsurprising as one could easily guess what would happen next. The screenplay is moderately paced yet it works best for the film. Composed by Kapil Sawant and Rajesh Krishnan, the straightforward avarice focused dim satire never misses a second with its comic planning; credit also goes to the gifted cast. Kunal ends up being the ideal entertainer for this 'aam aadmi' parody. He likewise figures out how to play off genuine exchanges with an idiosyncratic appeal. At the point when weapons are passing over and he is asked "Kis group ke aadmi ho?" all he says is, "Mein toh Lata ka aadmi hu".

Vijay Raaz (Bala) is seen as the main villain in the movie. Appearing as a neighbourhood 'gunda' with an interest for the animal world and converses with his obsequious workers in scientific animal names and keeps adding humour by telling them to subscribe to "Nat Geo". Raaz is an outright joy who makes us laugh hysterically, exchanges or not. Also, Gajraj Rao as a degenerate legislator MLA Patil is by all accounts on a move; following his turn in 'Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan', he doesn't frustrate. Rasika Dugal ( Lata), welcomes different sides to her character on the bleeding edge – one that of a typical middle class housewife and the other of an extremely desirous spouse who simply cherishes Chinese food references. We also see Kunal Khemu saying cheesy lines like "Tu meri hakka noodles, main tera manchurian". Ranvir Shorey plays the intense cop Kolte who wouldn't flutter his eyelashes before gunning down a crook and has a past filled with discipline moves and phony experiences. He is amusing in every event; kudos to him for raising the stakes in the acting department higher. He is really the only serious character seen in the entire movie.

Lootcase disentangles towards the end, suddenly losing steam. At 2 hours and 13 minutes, it's excessively long. The film could have been the best comedy movies of 2020 if only it had a slightly stronger script.

The movie is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Rating: 7/10

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