Chemical Hearts is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s film 'Chemical Hearts' is a story of first love, loss and a journey of self-discovery that endeavors to strike a chord among all teen-dramas. Starring Lili Reinhart as Grace Town and Austin Abrams as Henry Page in the lead, the coming of age film aims to capture the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager.

“I loved that it was not what you expect when talking about a teen love story. It seemed a lot deeper than many other young adult romances out there. It’s more raw and grounded in grief. Most teen movies concentrate on drinking and experimenting and losing your virginity. This is the internal struggle of these two young people feeling overwhelming emotions as their worlds are changing,” explains the Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart who stars as the female lead Grace Town in Chemical Hearts.

“For me, it’s boring to see another perfect girl in a movie—the popular cheerleader or the dream girl are not the roles I’m drawn to. I want to play darker roles in darker stories. What really drew me to Grace was her sadness and her desire not to attract attention. She still somehow gets Henry’s consideration and that was really interesting to play,” Riverdale added further.

Lili Reinhart is also marking her debut as an executive producer of Chemical Hearts. Directed and co-written by Richard Tanne, the film also stars Sarah Jones, Adhir Kalyan, Kara Young, Coral Peña and is based on the book “Our Chemical Hearts” by Krystal Sutherland. Chemical Hearts is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer here:

A version of this review first appeared in Transcontinental Times .

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