Vidhi Archarya Gets A Priceless Surprise Gift From Husband Ganesh Acharya

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Ganesh Acharya has a major romantic bone and surely knows how to surprise his beloved wife. The legendary dance guru recently gave one of the best gifts to his wife recently, that of tattooing her name on his arm. Well, the part about it being the best gift is not us saying but his wife Vidhi Acharya herself! "I was so surprised when I saw my name inked on his hand! It was the sweetest thing he ever did for me," confesses Vidhi ecstatically.

Now, Ganesh isn't actually a big tattoo fan and talks people out of getting one as well. But well, is there anything a man in love won't do? "Yes, that’s right. I am not a big fan of tattoos and in fact, would tell people not to get one. But this was something that just instantly came to my mind and seemed so right that I had to do it. I wasn’t around on Valentine’s Day as I was busy with a shoot but when I came back, getting a tattoo was the first thing I did and it was a great surprise. I loved seeing Vidhi's reaction when she saw her gift,” says Ganesh.

Talking about his wife, the famous choreographer turned filmmaker says, “We have been married for 19 years now and Vidhi is the best I could ever have! I really appreciate all the love and support I got from her over the years. She is a big Shiv bhakt and makes sure she visits Shiv Temple every Monday, so I got my tattoo designed on her belief system. The tattoo with her name around Shivji's Trishool and Om," says Ganesh ji.

They say love can move mountains and it’s surely changed the dance master Ganesh Ji too.

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