Holi special! Jumme Khan, Ravana, Popular Meeruthi, Pawan Dixit to perform at Amarrass Night

On the festive occasion of Holi the  third edition of Amarrass Nights at Sunder Nursery will  back on 7th March with a  Holi special ‘vyanghasya kavitamushaira’.To celebrate the arrival of spring and renewal with a special programme on the theme of comedy, humour and satire. The previous two editions of the year received an ecstatic response from Delhiites, and the next promises to be an enchanting evening of story-telling, laughter and music under the stars. 

Known by various names such as vyanghasya kavitamushaira - these once popular forms of folk storytelling will be showcased on stage to delight Delhi audiences. Stand-up comedy (vyang, hasya kavita) by acclaimed poets Popular Meeruthi and Pawan Dixit, Jogi-folk poet-singer Jumme Khan and his band from Alwar, Rajasthan with his hard-hitting satire and social commentary, and a special set featuring Ghalib, dub and  eclectic audio ephemera by recluse underground electronic producer Ravana to enthral the audience.

This  edition of Amarrass Nights will also  features another rare folk instrument - the bhapang. A rare, single-stringed percussion instrument, similar to a 'talking drum' found in cultures around the world, it originates from the Mewati community in the Alwar district, and is also known as a Chongar in Maharashtra, Apang in Gujarat and Tumba in Punjab. The bhapang has a varying pitch, that coupled with rapid hand movements and dexterity of plucking, creates a broad spectrum of sound. It is often played to accompany bhajans and poetry. A simple looking instrument that displays complex emotion and depth. 

Details and tickets for the show:
Date: 7th MARCH, 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue: Sunder Nursery Amphitheater, New Delhi
{TICKETS to Amarrass Nights@Sunder Nursery = Rs 499}

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