How Casinos Influenced Cinema and Vice Versa

Cinema never ceases to amaze people with its new movies. There are a lot of genres and subgenres of movies and TV shows that keep the ever-increasing audience glued to the screen. With so many movies to offer it’s clear that the directors and scriptwriters get ideas from anywhere they can to make a blockbuster movie. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that the casino industry is one of their sources of inspiration. The history of the Vegas casinos and the excitement of casino games have always been fascinating which is why they found their way into cinema. Moreover, the influence of cinema on the casino industry is also visible.

Themed Jackpot Games – the Cinema Influence

As mentioned above, thanks to cinema, people have plenty of amazing movies to choose from. They’re so good that they have a cult following of millions of people from all over the world. This level of popularity is something the casino industry wants to achieve which is why it moved online and transformed into the online casino industry. To improve on its influence it decided to reinvent slot machines into video slots with various themes. And the inspiration for those themes? Famous movies and TV shows.
Hollywood and Bollywood both have some amazing films for their standards and those films serve as a concept for making a video slot game. Indian players also have traditional games they like to play which is why developers have made sure to include them in the collections of many online casinos. So Indians can play jackpot games with Rupees, classic casino games or their traditional games. Whichever type of game they choose they’ll have the opportunity to not walk away empty-handed.

How Casinos Influence Cinema

The casinos themselves and the things that have happened there have served as inspiration for many movies and TV shows. For example, back in the day, there was a group of MIT students that learned how to count cards in blackjack and used that skill to walk away with millions from Vegas casinos. How they did it is described in detail in the book Bringing Down the House. This book was adapted into a movie called 21 and it’s one of those movies that makes it on every list of top casino movies of all time.
The land-based casino establishments have served as excellent places to set a scene in. The Ocean’s Trilogy proves this point as all three movies are heist movies and revolve around robbing casinos. Casino Royale is a fictional casino but makes an appearance in the movie of the same name. A high stakes poker game, Bond and Le Chiffre sitting at that table and a couple of millions waiting for the winner. Any viewer can feel the tension in that scene.
Casino games have also been key elements of many movie plots. Rounders centers around illegal poker games where the main characters are trying to win enough money to pay back a debt. The dark history of casinos in Sin City and their ties with the mob have also been explored. This is illustrated in the movie Casino. Las Vegas is also featured in the classic movies The Godfather I and II, and the list goes on and on.
With these examples in mind, it’s clear that the film industry and the casino industry have been influencing each other for years. Each has inspired the other and countless examples are illustrating this. As online casinos are becoming more popular maybe people will some a film with a plot revolving around them.
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