MOEF&CC and CMS VATAVARAN presents shots films competition and festival

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CMS VATAVARAN is a worldwide film celebration and gathering on condition and natural life in India. Utilizing films as a window to dive into nature, the celebration exhibits the best of Indian and International movies and documentaries. Film festival & forum is being organized by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Government of India and curated by CMS Vatavaran. which will be held on 27-30 November 2019 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi.
CMS VATAVARAN is not just a film festival celebrating the cinematic art of films but focuses more on using the films as a tool for creating awareness. As we can see Delhi's air pollution levels are deadly taking toll on life of people. In spite of all regulatory measures followed (mostly on papers) under Graded Response Action Plan to curb the levels of air pollution in the city, levels have reached again to "hazardous”. The immense pollution has resulted the Capital of India as the Capital of pollution.

The festival will showcase shortlisted films from the competition during the 10th CMS VATAVARAN, this award ceremony is organized to acknowledge the achievements and recognize the talents of the brilliant film makers who have made an immense contribution through their work to our society. Total 366 films received for the SFC (Short Film festival and Competition). Out of which there are three categories including professional, amateur, school. The Award ceremony will be held on 30 November.
P N Vasanti, Director General, CMS told A Potpourri of Vestiges, "With the current pollution issues, environment concerns are back in agenda, I feel festivals like CMS Vatavaran provide a platform to learn more in what one can do and contribute to make the change happen. Films, discussions, activities & seminars in such forums are inspiring and provide important outlet to the pessimism all around us. I urge all those who care to attend and engage in this  unique green festival."

This year there will be 10 Awards, the 1st price winner of Professional filmmakers and film studios will be rewarded with a cash price of 2 lakhs a Trophy and a certificate, 2nd price will get a cash price of 1 lakh with a trophy and certificate ,2 consolation winners will get 25 thousand and certificate. The 1st price winner of college student and amateur filmmakers will be awarded with a cash price of 50 thousand a trophy and certificate, 2 consolation winner will get 20 thousand and certificate. And the 1st price of school student will be awarded with a cash price of 25 thousand a trophy and certificate, 2 consolation winner will get 10 thousand and certificate respectively.

About SFC (Short Film Festival and Competition)
Since 1972, each year, June 5th is designated by UN as ‘World Environment Day’ (WED) and is celebrated with a range of activities around the globe. Each year, WED has a theme that focuses and draws attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for 2019 WED is “Air Pollution,” which highlights the major health hazard affecting millions today.
MoEF&CC has been at the forefront initiating efforts to prevent, control and abate air pollution. Acknowledging the impact that films or videos can make, MoEF&CC in partnership with CMS VATAVARAN is organizing a Short Film Competition and Film Festival on the theme – “POLLUTION, with special emphasis on AIR POLLUTION.”
The objective of this Competition and Festival is to use films as a means for engaging diverse audiences on the theme of WED 2019 – Air Pollution. The Festival will showcase shortlisted films from the Competition during the 10th CMS VATAVARAN Film Festival and Forum on Environment and Wildlife, on November 27-30, 2019.
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