‘Aaina - Reflection Uninterrupted’ Review: A timely short that needs to be watched by every Indian

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

Nowadays, short films are adding so much variety to the storytelling spectrum by playing a vital role in enabling storytellers to tell stories that they want to tell in a most effective manner. As far as the Indian entertainment horizon is considered we have really been privileged to witness some great experiments, both in terms of content and form, happening in the recent years which have allowed us to explore the cinematic potential of the short films. The advent of YouTube has had a very important role to play in the rise of short films over the last half a decade or so.

Harshal Purohit, Ruhan Alam, and Zahir Chauhan (left to right)
But there is a flip side to that coin as well. Today anyone and everyone can make a short film and so while the quantity of content has become multi-fold the quality still remains an area of concern. Often there is something lacking in terms of production quality or story. Usually the short films backed by big banners are sorted in terms of production quality but the story is still something that requires some serious efforts on the part of the makers. The challenge is to deliver a message in a very short time while ensuring that the viewer remains hooked throughout.

In this regard a short film that recently came across impressed me greatly. The film is titled ‘Aaina - Reflection Uninterrupted’. It’s based on a story and screenplay by Zahir Chauhan. The short is produced and directed by Harshal Purohit who also stars in the film alongside Ruhan Alam and Krish Vasavada. Aaina delivers just the kind of message that makes a diverse and vibrant country like India tick. It is about spreading love and brotherhood across communities. Aaina reminds us of our true values and what makes us so unique as a county. Often we forget that for the longest time India has shown the word the way forward and never have we faltered in spreading the message of peace all across the globe.

In a short running time of 7 minutes, the film manages to tell a compelling tell about what it means to be a human being. Regardless of our caste, color, creed, gender, or religion it is our humanity that must always shine through. We are rich not because of our material wealth but we are rich because of the love and affection that resides in our hearts. Darpit Dave’s cinematography adds a lyrical quality to the manner in which the film unfolds. Majority of the film takes place in a moving car and yet to Dave’s credit we never feel a sense of claustrophobia. Also the acting is solid all around. 

In a nutshell, Aaina is a timely film that needs to be watched by every Indian.  

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