A Brief History of the Casino

The world of casino gaming is an entire world of its own. It's extravagant, alluring and offers some of the most intriguing entertainment. But how did it get here? What is it about casino gaming that makes the past time seem so uniquely sophisticated? We take a quick glimpse into the world of casino gaming at Cozino.com and find out where it comes from and how it evolved over the years.

Gambling Roots

The first casino gaming establishment was set up in Venice back in 1637 but it has been recorded that gambling itself has been in existence to about 3000 BC when a game with six-sided dice was popular in China. The first casino operated for many years up until the government shut it down in 1774. Casino di Venezia was built to entertain tourists and locals but some have said it was built to impress over the carnival season that remains ongoing in today’s age.

Casino Allure

The reason for casinos around the world holding rather strict dress codes is due to the history behind the code. Britain is one of the countries to have formed this rule which has been implemented in every casino to this day.

The United States on Gambling

The US wasn’t as lenient with gambling as was Great Britain. It was outlawed in the 20th century and became illegal. It was only by the end of the 20th century that it wasn’t frowned upon and people began to change their attitude toward the concept. Eventually, after seeing street gambling become popularity, gambling was legalized in 1931 and the first ever casino for Americans was built. The casino was built up in Las Vegas and it was named the Golden Gate. Ever since, the hub of gambling has been found in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Advancement of the Casino

Throughout the years, alongside the evolution of technology, casinos have been evolving and delivering an impressive range of new and updated games. The slots game was first introduced in the 20th century and any big casino would have them on offer. But before the introduction of technology, which was how slots were created, there were the popular card games such as rummy, blackjack and poker. Naturally, all of these games were already available to casino players but what revolutionized the industry was the birth of slots.
Technology soon made the creation of video slots and the world of casino gaming changed once again. Considering the first ever slot machine was built in the 1890s and has now evolved as is available in a virtual reality realm, it is safe to say video slots gaming is only bound to get better throughout the years.
The sophisticated realm of casino gaming has taken years to form its current shape and despite online casino gaming having such a popular effect on players, the world of the land based casino will never disappear and players will always want to view the riches nestled within the walls of these establishments.

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