With few days to go for Sacred Games 2, Guruji Makes a Mysterious Appearance

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It’s raining outside; the waves of the sea are crashing violently against the shore; outside, people are battling traffic and floods to get to work, waiting to meet just a moment of peace. And here you are -- dry, peaceful, serene, surrounded by some known faces and other unknown ones, watching a character come to life, one you’ve only glimpsed on screen for a split second. The man has an air of mystique, intrigue, and tranquility about him, and yet an unassuming sense of humour that catches you by surprise. 

For the first time ever, Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi) appeared in flesh and blood, seated in an ashram-like atmosphere, to introduce himself, share wisdom and insights into the big reveal expected in two weeks. The audience, relaxed after a morning of yoga and breakfast, asked Guruji all the questions that fans are eager to know about how the story unfolds. Guruji’s ashram is an important backdrop this season, and it was only apt that the Sacred Games’ began here.

Talking about his character, Pankaj Tripathi spoke  ‘’Guruji is a well-read man with his own thinking style. The mystery man comes packed with a bunch of secrets, which will be unveiled through the course of the second season! 14 din mein aapke saare sawaalon ke jawab bhi aapko jald hi milenge. Aham Brahmasmi ‘’

In a first-of-its-kind event, Netflix hosted hard-core Sacred Games fans in an ashram set-up, introducing an integral character from the cult series -- Guruji a.k.a Pankaj Tripathi. 

Dressed in a simple yet striking kurta-pyjama set, Pankaj enthralled the visitors of his ‘ashram’ for the day with his wit and persona, while giving them a sneak peek into what to expect from Guruji in Sacred Games 2

After a thrilling first season that left the viewers at the edge of their seats, Netflix is back with Sacred Games 2, which promises to take the excitement quotient a few notches higher. This season, the story unfolds gradually, with fresh twists and turns, new characters, and an even more dramatic story arc that will have audiences hooked from the get-go. Guruji plays a pivotal role, which he said will be evident in just two weeks.

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