7 things you didn’t know about Robert Durst

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The popular crime documentary “Jinx” features a series of interviews of real estate heir of one of the biggest American real estate companies - Robert Durst, the suspected man behind the disappearance of his wife, a family friend and his neighbor in 1982, a case which is yet to be solved! The documentary is a result of nearly a decade research by film makers Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling which includes police files, key witnesses and private prison footages and documents which are never seen before.

Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Robert Durst:

1. Robert Durst’s wife Kathleen Durst disappeared a day after they completed nine years of marriage. As no corpse was found Robert was never formally charged in cases related to Kathleen’s disappearance.

2. Susan Berman, Robert Durst’s close friend was executed in her home in Los Angeles, California shortly before she was to be interviewed by New York investigators about Kathleen’s disappearance.

3. Robert Durst admitted to being in California when Susan Berman was executed but denied all allegations.

4. Susan Berman was a daughter of mob boss and was assumed to be murdered by Mafia’s, as a result Robert Durst wasn’t heavily investigated and overlooked.

5. After the alleged murder of his wife, Robert Durst moved to Lone Star state in Texas where he started a new life as mute woman.

6. Robert Durst owned a series of Alaskan Malamute dogs, all named “Igor”. None of the dogs lasted more than six months. All the Igor’s he owned died under unknown circumstances.

7. The doorman of Robert Durst’s building said he saw Kathleen arrive at the building the night she disappeared, later it was reported by a private investigator that the door man didn’t see Kathleen arrive.

The Jinx premieres on Star World on 11th August 2019.

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