VIU Original ‘The Grill’: Brilliant performances and a gripping plot keep you engaged

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The web has really changed people’s daily intake of entertainment. The platform not only allows for greater scope for creativity to the writers and the actors but it also allows the makers to create content that’s most targeted as opposed to movies and television. While a majority of the content on the web is curated keeping the youth in mind there is so much that’s yet to be explored since the platform is still in its early days. Campus based stories is one such area. While we have had a lot of interesting campus films over the years the web somewhere hasn’t captured the space in the same way. However, one exception that comes to mind is Sharan Kopishety’s The Grill web series which is streaming on VIU.

The Telugu language series has everything that one can expect from a campus based series and so much more. The major challenge with any series is that either the plot is wafer thin or the characters are not well etched out. So there is always an ongoing tradeoff. Whether to invest in the plot? Whether to invest in the characters? As discerning viewers it can be a little frustration as we need both. That’s precisely where The Grill scores heavily. The ten-episode series is rife with the kind of content that’s both highly inspiring and immensely relatable. It is also full of human drama whether comedy, romance or thrill. The series stars Santosh Shoban, Maira Doshi, Viva Harsha, Sunny K, Sri Ram, Kathyayini, Mirchi Kiran, Maurya Siddhavaram, RJ Hemanth, and Thagubothu Ramesh.

The VIU original series has a very interesting premise to begin with. It follows the life of Arjun who is trying to get back to his mother. Now, his mother is a teacher at a college and so he joins the very college as an engineering student. There he becomes a part of a rather odd group of students and gets involved in a series of comic episodes with his roommates. But things go awry when Arjun and friends get caught in a bitter rivalry between the college juniors and the seniors. Arjun subsequently learns that his ex-girlfriend also studies in the same college which makes the things even more complicated. Will Arjun finally succeed in uniting with his mother or will the life eventually get the better of him? Well, you will have to watch the series online to find that out!

The various acting performances in the series are solid all around and full credit for the same goes to The Grill web series cast. Santosh Shobhan as Arjun, Maira Doshi as Aaradhya, and Viva Harsha as Ganesh deserve a special mention for their brilliant performances which help bring the series to life. The Telugu web drama has something for everything but the youth will certainly devour the ten episodes in no time. Here it is also important to highlight the great work done by director Sharan Kopishety who is best known for his Telugu film Kirrak Party. He not only deserves credit for eliciting convincing performances from a young cast but also for succeeding in telling an engaging story with great conviction. If you are a college student, or would soon be joining college, or miss your college life then The Grill web series is just for you.

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