Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan responds to BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa's anti-Sikh accusations against Sacred Games 2

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For the longest time, there used to be a lot of hue and cry that Bollywood mocks Sikhs and is reluctant to portray them as heroes. And now that we have a heroic character like Sartaj Singh who is willing to sacrifice himself for the country I don't see why we should not celebrate his valor... in the first season he is forced to sacrifice his thumb to an Islamic terrorist... and this time again he puts himself on the line with the nuclear threat lurking on the city. As far as that said scene is concerned it comes at a time in the plot when Sartaj must detach himself with the memories of his father or else out of that attachment he would not be able to fulfill his duty as a police officer... so I think it's highly symbolic and the team of Sacred Games has dealt with it really well. The portrayal of Sartaj is far better than portrayal of Sikhs in a lot of Punjabi.

I think the character of Sartaj and his actions are a great moment of Nationalism and the Sikhs are a brave community of Nationalists and so who better than them to appreciate the importance of sacrificing oneself. Sadly, a lot of the times people start to scrutinize things out of context which ends us creating unnecessary controversies. Now, I am sure Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa (Honorable MLA, Rajouri Garden) hasn't seen the two seasons of Sacred Games otherwise he wouldn't have objected to the portrayal in the first place.

I was invited by NewsX earlier this evening to participate in a live discussion alongside Mr. Sirsa himself and renowned cyber expert Pavan Duggal (one of my favorite newsreaders from my childhood days), moderated by senior News X anchor Uday Pratap Singh, share my thoughts on the controversy. The full discussion can be watched here!

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