Mission: Impossible 6 - Watch how Tom Cruise became the first actor to perform a ‘Halo Jump’ stunt by himself

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Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is known to perform his own stunts, with utmost daredevilry. We all have seen the footage of how he broke his ankle while performing a stunt for the upcoming 'M:I' film titled Mission: Impossible - Fallout, scheduled to release on July 27, 2018.

Cruise takes his daredevilry to a whole new level for another stunt scene performed for Mission: Impossible 6. 

Leaving you at the edge of your seat, Tom Cruise defies the barriers of being an action megastar, becoming the first actor to perform a ‘Halo Jump’ stunt by himself. With almost 106 trial runs, Tom performs the stunt with impeccable style in a single shot. 

Don’t believe? Watch it below:

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