Dev Gupta's 'Qissbah-What is not a story?' to be released by Pocket Films

Qissbah-What is not a story? -- the award-winning short film written and directed by Dev Gupta -- is being released by Pocket Films on YouTube. It will start streaming starting tomorrow i.e. 27 June 2018.

Qissbah stars Debraj Ghosh, Tanushree Baruah, Minakshi Hazarika Saikia, Kunal Sarma, Pabitra Ghosh, Vikramaditya Chaudhury, and Abhijit Roy.

Qissbah is the story of Masoom Gautam Lekhi, a scriptwriter, who is troubled by a dysfunctional marriage. Masoom's father was fascinated by a mythical place, called Qissbah, where people go to listen to stories and attain Moksha (Nirvana) - a place from where no one has ever returned. Overcome by a desperate urge to discover the place, he abandoned his wife and son, never to return again.

Years later, Massom wants to write a script on Qissbah and through that, find out what might have happened to his father, and if this place exists for real. This quest will take him on a journey that will lead to shattering yet enlightening ambiguities; which blur the lines between reality and fiction. 

The psyche of children from broken families, marriage, fidelity, egotism, career, Krishna, Buddha and the importance of storytelling are explored through the story of Masoom and his search for this mythical place called Qissbah.

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List of Awards

1. Indian Cine Film Festival, Mumbai - Special Jury Mention 
2. IndieFEST film awards, San Diego - Award of Merit
3. International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (Official Selection)
4. Gardencity International Film Festival, Bangalore (Official Selection)

Qissbah-What is not a story 

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