Meet the the Coolest Dads in Netflix Town this Father's Day

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

No matter how good or bad the joke, there is always one person who can put a smile on our faces—you guessed it right…our dads. From being the protective, doting ones to being the one guys who have leave you in splits with his funny one-liners, one day isn’t enough to celebrate the main man in our lives. So, this Father’s Day (June 17), raise a toast to him, whip up a special meal and get set for a binge session on Netflix.

Do the Hopper like Chief Hopper from Stranger Things: Watching Chief Hopper do the jig to the ’80s classic chart-toppers is hands-down one of the finest dad-bonding moments on screen. While he may not be a dad in the literal sense of the term, but he sure is a father figure to Eleven. Plus, who can ever forget his dance for Eleven? 

Manage crisis like John in Lost in Space: Lost in Space’s John Robinson takes the reigns when everyone is in panic mode as the family’s spaceship crash-lands on an unknown planet. Even though his relationship with his family is initially strained, he goes the extra mile to make all things right between them. Super-protective dad? Check.

Fred Andrews from Riverdale: Taking sole charge of Archie after his mom left, Fred puts Archie above everything including his job. Fred and Archie’s bond is unbreakable and they would move mountains for the other’s happiness and safety. 

Team up like Kenny Lustig and Kirby Cordice from The Week Of: Seeing these two dads putting aside their differences—which are poles apart—and come together to make sure their kids have the best wedding ever is an absolute delight to watch.

Danny Tanner from the Fuller House: Danny Tanner continues to make his appearances as the pillar of support for his three daughters in Fuller House as they enter the next phase of their lives. Be it DJ’s life as a single mom or Stephanie’s entertainer dreams, he is by their side, no matter what.

Kind and Encouraging like King George VI: The King of England was a kind soul who always wanted the best for his daughter, for her to understand the crown yet have a good life.

Quippy and Supportive like Mac MacGuff: Juno’s fun-loving carefree dad was sure as heck shocked when she announced her pregnancy. However, he never deters from supporting his daughter especially when she has to go meet her unborn child’s would-be adoptive parents.

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