Innovation, Technology and Creativity At The Academy of Art University

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At The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, students understand the importance of STEM. Technology firms understand the importance of art as well. Gamers rely on storytellers and digital artists to create captivating video games; the combination of technology and art is powerful. Without technology, fewer people would have exposure to the arts. Images of amazing building from around the world may inspire a budding architect or a graphic artist might use an online forum to discover what others think about his or her designs. YouTube exposes people to concerts who otherwise couldn't afford to attend a classical concert in person.

Several of The Academy of Art University's degree programs combine STEM subjects and the arts already. In the Communications and Media Technologies program, students use their artistic talents to write and shoot productions and then they apply technology skills to stream their production. Another subject that illustrates the bond between art and technology is website design. Without technology, there wouldn't be a website to design and without website designers, every site would have a white background with black text.

Established in 1929, The Academy of Art University changes with the times so students graduate with skills that attract employers. Faculty are professionals in their field; they students how to use the latest technologies in over 30 study areas. Examples of the Academy’s modern technology include an Oculus Rift virtual reality system and a green screen system. DreamWorks Animation SKG, Electronic Arts, Christian Dior, Diane von Furstenberg and other prestigious companies employ academy graduates. Moreover, graduates have earned numerous industry awards, including gold and silver American Advertising Awards.

While the Academy changes with the times to meet student's needs, the Academy's commitment to excellence hasn't changed. The founder's granddaughter Dr. Elisa Stephens is the current president. In 2010, the academy implemented a campus-wide green initiative. The shuttles were converted to bio-diesel, all lighted was switched to LED and recycling is encouraged.

Activities give The Academy of Art University's students a break from their academic schedule. Student groups include the Anime Club, Ping Pong Club, Christian Student Fellowship and more. There is an NCAA athletics program with men and women's sports teams that include basketball, golf, soccer and other sports. The academy has gyms, a lap pool and a skateboard ramp for student's use. The Academy of Art University wants students to stay healthy; the fitness facilities and class are complimentary. Students may also choose the study online. Live-streamed events, one-on-one director sessions and guest speakers ensure that online students don't miss out on the university experience. The open admissions policy admits all who have drive and creativity.

San Francisco is the ideal location for the academy; the city boasts some of the best museums, galleries and tourist attractions in California. The academy offers free tours and open house events for potential students and their parents.

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