Netflix’s Guide to a Bindaas Binge

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Have you ever watched Netflix in public? Were you suddenly shocked when an unexpected risky scene popped up and you scrambled to cover your screen, or laugh till your start tearing, and look around to see if anyone noticed? Netflix conducted a survey to study bingeing patterns of their consumers. Netflix-ing in Public is a thing, especially since 71% of Indians are guilty of doing it more than last year! You’re not alone, we’ve all been there.

So, here’s a guide to what we think you need for a full-on entertainment experience, so you can watch your favourite show all the time, on the go, without any judgement.
·         Time Your Commute

It’s always better to time your commute from home to assess how early you need to start your day. While you can use a stopwatch to time your journey, but it’s the 21st century. Time to get creative ya’ll! Our survey shows that 58% of Indians binge on their favourite movies and shows during their commute on buses, and 65% on trains. Time your daily commute with shows like ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ if your trip is slightly over 20 minutes (no cliff-hangers, so you can go by your day with a free conscience). For a slightly longer commute, you can always commit to ‘Black Mirror’, or ‘Stranger Things’; whatever you’re in the mood for!
·         Download Your Shows

While observing (read ‘staring’) at other commuters on buses, trains or on the metro, may be entertaining for a day or two, but overtime, you WILL get tired of it. Download your favourite shows on Netflix and watch them while on the go. Download and go is what works; it’s simple, easy and accessible. What’s more? It’s totally the new normal.
·         Carry Headphones. Always

House keys, wallet.... oh, snap, headphones! Headphones have become a travel necessity whether it’s listening to music or to your friends’ embarrassing voice messages on WhatsApp. Through the sorcery of technology, as many as 72% have laughed out loud, 29% have gasped (rather loudly) and 26% have been spotted crying and empathising with their favourite characters while on the move. Pop on your headphones to be transported to the world of entertainment, an escape from your mundane life where you can share adventures, shed a tear or two, and laugh your heart out on your own, even in a crowded space.
·         Charge Your Device and Carry a Power Bank

Make sure you charge your power bank and it’s ready for use… ‘cause, let’s face it, no one wants to make awkward eye contact or, worse, get caught looking into a fellow commuter’s phones. What may be embarrassment now is a spoiler forever. Be better than the 54% who are caught snooping into others’ phones... just be better.
·         Reserve a Comfortable Seat

We’ll provide you with the entertainment, the experience is in your hands. While gorging on your favourite show, keep an eye out for any vacancies on the bench to have a comfortable and entertaining commute to work, school, college, or your way back home. We’d suggest you snag a window seat; that way, you won’t fall under the 30% who faces embarrassment while watching their guilty-pleasure movies and shows. This is a PSA: staring at fellow commuters on the metro the way Eleven does when she’s angry will not help you. Trust us. *Cough cough.*
Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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