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A hero is only as good as his/her sworn enemy. Who doesn’t love a good baddie to give you a jolt of fear? So, when they confront their match in your favorite hero, the ride only gets more thrilling. There’s immense satisfaction in justice being served to the bad guys, complete with stealthy scheming, ammunition and, at times, humor.
With ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ streaming right now, there could be no better time to take a look at all the times justice has been meted out on popular Netflix shows.

The Punisher

‘The Punisher’ gives you a glimpse into a justice system that’s swifter than any other in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Frank Castle doesn’t show any mercy. And the final showdown between Castle and his arch nemesis is everything you hope for.


In the final episode of season 2, we all thought our favourite sociopath died (rather, we knew he was alive, but we’re dying to know how he survived). The first episode of season 3, ‘The Empty Hearse’, opens with a quick catch-up. An interleaved scene of that episode details on events that followed...how Sherlock cheated his enemy, Moriarty, and served him what he deserved.

Jessica Jones

With great power comes great responsibility. But Kilgrave doesn’t believe that. This suit-wearing, suave Marvel baddie has the power to control other people. But when Jessica finally confronts Kilgrave and gives him a false sense of control, something snaps, including Kilgrave’s neck. Best. Scene. Ever.

Luke Cage

While Cottonmouth is a menacing villain in ‘Luke Cage’, the brains behind the madness was none other than Mariah Dillard. Mariah pulled all the stops by killing Cottonmouth and framing Luke Cage for his murder. We think it’s safe to say that no one saw that coming. With a vengeance, cool Cage strikes back like never before. And gives you a hell of a final episode.

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