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A Potpourri of Vestiges recently caught up with actor-model Pari Chouhan who has been associated with brands like Libas, Enigma, Biba, and Soch, among others. Apart from her modeling assignments, she is currently doing films as well as music videos. She talks about her work and influences in this interview while touching upon the challenges that young talents have to deal with while trying to establish themselves in the industry.


Q. You are a model as well as an actor. Which of the two do you find more challenging?

A. I believe in doing well and excelling in whatever I take up. Work is worship for me. I cannot sit idle. I also love challenges. Therefore whether it is modeling or acting they both mean the same to me. Creativity can come in any form. And challenges can be met creatively.

Q. What is the most challenging assignment that you have taken up till date?

A. Life by itself is the most challenging assignment. Our performance in life determines the legacy we will leave behind.

Q. Tell us about the inspirations and influences while growing up. Also tell us about your upcoming projects.  

A. As a youngster I was inspired by the saying “Try and try and you will succeed”. Therefore I never give up.

While I was growing up my parents influenced me. In my youth it is all the great men and women who have made a name for themselves in various walks of life, their struggles, their work and achievements that influence me.

I have three feature films lined up; shooting of one is going to start in a few days. I have also been signed for 15 to 20 music videos, other than a web series that I have already completed. Simultaneously talks a going on for a few more films and I am still undertaking modeling assignments.

Q. How do you deal with the exhausting work schedules?  How helpful are recreational activities and meditation / yoga in coping with stress?

A. Firstly I don’t get exhausted because I am a workaholic.  I love to dance and perform in front of the camera.  I love recreational activities like working on the cross trainer, swimming and sprinting. I give myself a couple of hours every morning for meditation / yoga and therefore my physical and mental being are well balanced. I am a happy go lucky person and therefore I hardly experience stress. I don’t know what it means.

Q. Showbiz is said to be plagued by the menace of casting couch. Have you ever experienced it yourself? If yes, how do you deal with it?

A. The menace is there in every sphere of work, be it showbiz, politics, business, office, services etc. It is how one conducts oneself. Your body language will deter anybody from taking any liberties. If you have the talent work will definitely come. I don’t believe in selling anything except my acting talent.

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Q. Tell us about your daily schedule. How does your day start and end when you are shooting / not shooting?

A. If I am shooting my workout and meditation/yoga prepares me for it and after that it is only work, work and work. After work it’s the couch on which sleep. If I am not shooting I still maintain my workout and meditation/yoga schedule, meet friends and people related to my work and generally relax. 

Q. How does one manage to keep oneself ahead of competition in such a competitive work space?

A. The life style that I follow and just mentioned helps me to keep ahead. I don’t indulge in frivolous activities and like to mainly give time to myself in improving my work and my life.

Q. You have been modeling for brands and acting in short films and music videos. Tell us about how it all got started?

A. After completing my graduation I shifted to Mumbai to take up a career in modeling as it always attracted me. I knew I had the natural talent and aptitude for it.

Along the way I modeled for various renowned Indian brands and also went abroad for various modeling assignments. I have traveled to 15 various countries as part of my work which has given me a lot of exposure and has made me very confident about myself.

After having modeled for about 3 years I decided to become an actress and enrolled myself in Dada Saheb Phalke theatre. I also learnt dancing along the way. Soon I was noticed and offered short films and music videos.

Q. What are the biggest challenges a young talent like you faces while trying to establish oneself in the industry?

A. Frankly, I love challenges and am always ready to face them. The biggest challenge one faces while trying to establish oneself in the industry is to get that first decent break or opportunity to prove oneself. I believe in my talent and am ready to face everything head on.

Q. How difficult is it to get your first break in an industry as volatile as showbiz? How important is it to get that first break?

A. If you are hard working and talented that first break will come sooner or later, because those who are advertising their brands via modeling or telling a story on screen too want their products to do well. Therefore if you are recognized for your work and talent and the makers believe in you, you are bound to get that first break. After that your work will take you forward. 

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