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Online dating isn't new to our world. Actually, international dating appeared more than one century ago, in late 19th Century. It was called mail-order brides industry. With the arrival of internet, international dating, as well as national one, transferred online. Despite being over twenty years old, online dating is haunted by myths. Mainly those myths come from people who have never participated in online dating. But that is enough to scare away a lot off a lot of people who could be happily dating if not the myths. So, without further ado, let's delve into the most popular myths about online dating.

Online Dating Isn't Safe

Of course there are cases of dating scam, but let's be honest, the industry couldn't survive that long if it was a complete fraud. There were even serial killers finding their victims via online dating services, but that's not the point to stigmatize it. It is the same as stigmatizing pills, because someone has committed suicide with their helps; or stigmatizing cars, because someone run over someone; or stigmatizing kitchen knives, because certain people can commit murder using it. Moreover, is hooking up with a stranger in the bar is more safe than chatting with someone for some time before going on the first date? You have time to determine with whom you are chatting, while offline date can bring you more troubles in a shorter period of time.

Everyone Is Lying Online

Yes, online world is some kind of another dimension for the most of us. Here we can exaggerate a lot of things. Here we can present us in a better way. But according to research, done by OpinionMatters, shows that the vast majority of people lie online about the same things they would line on the offline date. For example 20% of women lie about their age online, while 40% of men lie about their jobs, in order to attract attention. Now, wouldn't they lie about the same things on a real date? When you meet a stranger at the bar, you can always say that you are a 25-year-old rocket scientist, instead of revealing that you are 35 and that you are working as a plumber.

Online Dating Is For Hook-Ups

Oh, come on, really! Spending weeks or months chatting with someone on online dating services only to hook up? Of course there is Tinder, but isn't it easier to go to the bar to find someone for a one night stand? When it comes to international dating, people are mainly get acquainted in order to find themselves a life-long partners. Moreover, 5% of married couples in the US met each other online.

Online Dating Is For Youngsters

When you are too young, you have no time for offline dates, and when you are old you feel a little bit ashamed to go on blind dates. So, believe it or not, there are a lot of people older than 50 on online dating sites. And what's the purpose? Right, finding the life-long partner.

Online Dating Services Are For Desperate Ones

Well, although this statement cannot be considered completely false, as those who use online dating are desperate. They are desperate because we are living in the time-consuming age, where we have no time for offline dates. So, it makes no surprise that people seek their partners online. Moreover, it is way more comfortable, as you get the chance to get to know each other before going on the first date. Thanks to our friends from for providing this article.

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