How To Not Become a Victim of Wishful Thinking?

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No one can forbid us to dream and to fantasize about something. Each of us has a dream, which doesn’t necessary need to come true. Everyone has experienced, at least once in a life, fantasizing about something or someone. Things get much worse when you fall a victim of wishful thinking, i.e. favoring fantasy over dream. Often we are a little too late and we crash into the sign that screams “Welcome to Reality!”. In order to avoid getting into trouble because of your wishful thinking, let’s have a look at the most common examples of it.

You definitely have mutual sympathy

So, you have an object of your desire. He or she is gorgeous, smart, a life of the party, has a great sense of humor, and he or she will definitely be yours. Because the signs say so, right? Or maybe it’s your wishful thinking talking? Who is he/she? Your friend, with whom you are secretly in love? Or is it someone popular from your college, who never manages to notice you? Actually, everything can work out quite fine, if you talk about it. But just because you are so afraid that you’d get a negative result, you prefer favoring fantasy over fact.

You are so creative/great/good looking

No matter how awful it may sound, your friends can be the source of your wishful thinking. They are sure that you will date the one you like, because you are so great! They are sure that you will get this job, because you are so talented and creative! But why you’re still not in relationships with the one you like? And why you are not getting hired for the job of your dream? Of course, because he or she is a douche bag that cannot see how great you are. And those HRs are also douche bags, as they cannot see how creative you are. But maybe your friends are wrong? But they can’t be, as they are your friends.

You’re on the right route!

You have a dream of becoming a singer, writer, or whatever. Soon the muse will knock on your door, and you will become famous and successful. All you have to do is to keep on thinking about it. But why the muse is still not here? Maybe you should try doing something instead of just thinking? Go to some singing contest or write a short story and try to get it published. No, no. It’s rubbish. Let’s wait for a muse for a while.

The Solution

The main problem with wishful thinking is that you can easily waste your entire life waiting for the muse to knock on your door, for the employees to see the light, and for that cool girl or guy to notice you and understand that he or she was waiting for you all their lives. Facts may not be pleasant, but you are safer when you can face them. Wishful thinking often comes as a form of self-defense. We don’t want to face the facts, thus we turn to wishful thinking, which allows us to live safely in the world of illusion.

There is only one way to save ourselves, when we understand that we are in the web of our own wishful thinking. We need to act. If you want that person, stop dreaming about it, ask him or her out. If you can’t get hired for your dream job, try to determine what you are lacking for that position. If you have a dream to follow, follow it. Try to get your short story published. Don’t rely heavily on your friends, because they may try to save you from the truth, in order to not hurt you. Thanks to our friends from nataly date for providing this article.

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