Game of Thrones (Season 7), Episode 3: 'The Queen’s Justice' Review

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

Game of Thrones (Season 7), Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

I just finished watching the third episode of Game of Thrones - Season 7 and so I guess it’s time to share with you what I think of it. But, before I do that, I must first flash the SPOILER ALERT!

The sixth season of Game of Thrones had ended with Dany emerging as a force to reckon with. At one point it felt that she would take over the Seven Kingdoms without even breaking a sweat. But that doesn’t seem like the case anymore. Cersei and Jamie with the help of Euron Greyjoy have not only surprised the Mother of Dragons but have also left the Imp with serious questions to ponder. 

To make matters worse for her, the fiendish Qyburn seem to have already taken a leaf out of how the dragon Smaug was slain in The Hobbit. He has perpetrated more evil than Melisandre. How I wish to see him die a most painful death. Lord of Light would be more than happy to accept someone like him as a sacrifice.

Fire and Ice to finally meet but fail to fall in love at the first sight! I mean isn’t it supposed to be their song, after all? Alas, the great rendezvous turned out to be a rather cold affair. The one who knows nothing certainly doesn’t know anything about his relationship to Rhaegar Targaryen which makes Dany his aunt. But incest comes naturally to the Targaryens and the internet has been fueled with the rumors of Daenerys and Jon letting it loose on the Iron Throne for years now and one can only hope that the show will eventually take us there. It would obviously be a moment of exultation for HBO and its viewers. For now, however, Tyrion seems to have struck a makeshift agreement between the King in the North and the Breaker of Chains. Let’s hope it develops into something far more meaningful in the times to come.

Game of Thrones (Season 7), Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

Cersei finally exacts her revenge on Ellaria Sand thanks to Euron’s generosity. But how good an idea it is to keep Ellaria alive is what the time will tell us better. One really disturbing bit about the episode was to see Jamie still allowing himself to be used as Cersei’s instrument of carnal pleasure. He is set to meet his doom if he doesn’t fall out of love with her pretty quickly. For now he seems too loyal to her monstrous sister. The episode would be remembered for Olenna Tyrell bittersweet farewell. While Jamie is kind enough to offer her a painless death she uses her final few breaths well to make a telling revelation that may haunt the Kingslayer for some time to come. Not to mention the pity she shows him for his helplessness. It’s just magnificent to see a lady like her die without an iota of regret.

Game of Thrones (Season 7), Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

Back in Winterfell, Sansa finally reunites with Bran who arguably is the most powerful character in the Game of Thrones universe, perhaps the only one capable of vanquishing the Night’s King. But obviously we can’t expect Sansa to understand all these things. Littlefinger’s sugary words, however, are a different proposition altogether. One development that takes place in Citadel may be of particular interest to Daenerys Stormborn, for one of her loyal servants has successfully fought against death and has come back strong. Speaking of Dany’s servants, Grey Worm has captured Casterly Rock but it may prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the Unsullied. We will have to wait and watch!

Game of Thrones (Season 7), Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

Overall, ‘The Queen’s Justice’ was more about Cersei than about Dany. But the tables can quickly turn in Westeros. One wonders what the fourth episode ‘The Spoils of War’ has in store for us. From the promo we can tell that the Lannister gold reserves are set to replenished thanks to an envoy from the Iron Bank of Braavos (Mycroft Holmes of BBC’s Sherlock). As for Daenreys, she seems to have had enough with the clever plans which means that she is now thinking of going for the kill. It would surely be a sight to behold to watch her ride Drogon and take King’s Landing. Cersei, however, won’t be easy to defeat. We will probably have to wait till the season finale if Dany’s exile would finally come to an end or not. I fear that she may have to wait a little bit longer.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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