Jab Harry Met Sejal: 'Hawayein' Song Launch

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By Tanmay Shukla

'No one knows where wind comes from and where is it going to stop'. According to Imtiaz Ali, this was how Jab Harry Met Sejal's fifth song, 'Hawayein' originated. Shah Rukh Khan this evening released the fifth track of his upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal. To accompany him were the co-actor Anushka Sharma, director Imtiaz Ali and composer Pritam.

Shah Rukh said that the song 'Hawayein' was 'picturized beautifully and differently' and praised the lyricist Irshad Kamil who came up with such felicitous lyrics. On Imtiaz, he said that 'normally the directors put their own experience into [their] characters. Imtiaz Ali is a director who narrates the story more from the point of view of the female lead, exploring an alternative perspective and largely an effort to understand the psyche of female characters.' Shah Rukh said that he 'emotionally agrees with Imtiaz on this.' adding 'that we are able to relate the characters and the situations they find themselves in. The space and setting may differ but feelings are the same.' Shah Rukh enjoys comedy films more, and he still considers himself a 'boy' and isn't shy to accept that he loves action movies. But he has started to enjoy romantic flicks as well by watching them along with her daughter. Shah Rukh shared the positive remark made by Imtiaz Ali, which deeply touched him, 'it's nice to see that you still love the same way as when you started out.' To which he responded, by taking philosophical liberties, that 'I am no longer a lover, I am love. I analyse it. I sense it.'

On the question of whether the typical style associated with Shah Rukh Khan hindered working with the actor who is to play a fresh character, Imtiaz Ali answered that they didn't worry about it at all as Shah Rukh is an accomplished actor, and such was Shah Rukh's diligence that they didn't 'find it and neither combat it.'

Anushka Sharma said of Shah Rukh that there is this 'genuineness' in his eyes when he is doing romance. The lyrics of the album have become 'very close to my heart.' She said that the characters aren't aware that they are in love, there is a build-up and after that they discover love. When romance is created this way it is natural, we are able to feel it and connect with it. Shah Rukh said about Anushka's character, Sejal that she is 'coming of age' and 'flying free', which Imtiaz explained as if she is 'madhosh.'

Shah Rukh Khan said that the characters of Imtiaz Ali becomes a part of you...'dil mein ghar kar jaate hain' . His movies are about 'moments' driven by 'characters' and not necessarily by the story, which can be non-existent. Without being obtrusive, he shows 'simple, ordinary lives.'

Shah Rukh said on his Shah Rukh-ness that 'within the parameters of the commercial cinema that he works in', he uses his 'style' according to the character, like in a film like Fan, where Gaurav is fan of a superstar, Aryan Khanna, who can be someone like himself, where that worked for his advantage.

In our industry stardom can overtake the character but we have seen in the long, prolific career of Shah Rukh, that he has consciously selected different roles which has diversified his filmography.

So, don't forget to catch Jab Harry Met Sejal in screens nearby you on 4th August.

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