This New Video of Aamir Khan's Wresting Training For Dangal Will Blow Your Mind

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We all are aware of the hardships that Aamir Khan went through to prepare for his role in Dangal. How he worked rigorously for five months to reduce his body fat levels from 38 percent to 9.6 percent was brilliantly documented in the fat to fit video released last month. Being the perfectionist that he is Aamir pushed his body beyond limits to accomplish the nigh impossible task of portraying with scalpel like precision the different phases of Mahavir Singh Phogat's life. 

But so far we haven't really seen what Aamir Khan had to do to perfect his wrestling moves. After all, Dangal is essentially a movie about wrestling! But the wait is finally over, for a new video has been released on UTV's official YouTube channel which solely focuses on Aamir Khan's wrestling training for Dangal. And it simply will blow your mind.

It is indeed amazing to see Aamir go tête-à-tête with professional wrestlers right from the word go. Throughout the course of the training, Aamir's movements were closely monitored through cameras by wrestling coaches/trainers. Each time Aamir was expected to step it up and Aamir was certainly up to the challenge. The video is the perfect answer to all your curiosity as to how an actor who takes his works seriously actually battled with real-life wrestlers to perfect his wrestling moves and maneuvers. 

Dangal has already crossed the 100 crore mark and looks set to touch the 200 crore figure in the days to come. It is also being touted as the biggest film of Aamir Khan's career. 

Watch Aamir Khan's wrestling training video here:

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