"Arrival" Director Dennis Villeneuve does not like anything that doesn't exist, especially VFX!

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Director Dennis Villeneuve’s dream of shooting a sci-fi film has come true with his space related movie 'Arrival' hits the theaters on November 25 this year. Just before the release of this much awaited film, he has revealed a very astonishing fact about the shoot. Talking about his love for sci-fi films, the acclaimed director revealed that he is not fond of VFX and has used the absolute bare minimum in this film!

“I don't like green screens,” says Villeneuve about some of the challenges he gave production design and how he tried to minimize the use of visual effects, and create physical experiences for the actors, as much as possible. “I don't like the actors to be in contact with something that doesn't exist, I like them to be surrounded by something real.”

Adding on, he also said  “I asked Patrice (production designer) to build the interior of this spaceship, That was a big gift for the production because we were able to create the massive tunnel and the chamber. There were no visual effects—it is all real—and the actors were able to feel the strangeness of that room."

Now that's quite surprising!

Don't forget to catch the movie in theaters on 25th November ’16.

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