The danger is when their love turns into a lethal obsession and if not kept under check – one can go too far: Taniya Kalrra

Love is known to be one of the strongest bonds between two people. But what happens when the said love story is shadowed by obsession?

Upcoming web series “Girgit” portrays the adverse consequences of when you go too far in love and brings to light some of the deepest wants and inhibitions that we as humans unknowingly possess. This series sees its protagonists stuck in an improbable hide-and-seek game where they expose their own unique "Girgit" moment - a moment which reveals how everyone is defective and can change their colours for survival.

The 7-part series stars Nakul Roshan Sahdev in the lead, along with Taniya Kalrra, Ashmita Jaggi, Trupti Khamkar, Samar Vermani, Aleksandar Ilic, Shahwar Ali, Ashish Tyagi in pivotal roles.

Speaking about the same, Taniya Kalrra, said, “Love is a beautiful emotion with highs and lows which we all can handle but sometimes it does strange things to certain people. While some feel unlimited happiness, others go through incredible pain while the rest just think about it practically and continue with their lives. The danger is when they their love turns into a lethal obsession and if not kept under check – one can go too far, just like my character Shamoli in Girgit.”

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