Kashish Duggal Paul of 'Hari Mirch Laal Mirch - Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari' talks about the idealistic expectations of women married into orthodox families

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The dynamics of a marriage – considered to be one of the most pious unions, has been evolving in modern times. However, the customs and expectations of an orthodox family from the hinterlands continue to remain unchanged. Women married into families that are upholders of orthodoxy and a patriarchal value system are often expected to adapt to a more domestic role regardless of their qualifications and professional experiences. This practice has resulted in women across generations losing their individuality.

The recently launched daily ‘Hari Mirch Laal Mirch - Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari’ essays a fresh and heartening narrative that strives to touch upon the themes of societal norms, generation gaps and social progress while showcasing the potential of today’s forthright and unintimidated youth who are both emotional and amicable.

Starring Kashish Duggal Paul and Aditi Rawat, this show is a family entertainer that captures the unique relationship of a Saas-Bahu duo Pushpi (Kashish Duggal Paul) and Tia (Aditi Rawat). Pushpi - a traditional, conformist, docile woman married into a patriarchal family and molded herself into being a loving mother, and a matriarch who manages her family beautifully. But she leads a dual life all as an incorruptible police officer dreaded by criminals, unknown to her family and constantly endeavors to balance her family/ career.

Speaking about how women married into orthodox families value individuality, Kashish Duggal Paul said, “A lot of women have had to compromise their careers for the glorified titles of being a sanskari and agyakaari bahu. But I believe that the stereotypes of bringing home idealistic bahus must be broken. This change has been slow, but steadily – one hears of so many stories wherein suppressed women have now transitioned into becoming a saas that actually support their daughters-in-law in walking the path of professional success without having to worry about the domestic aspects of managing a family. My character Pushpi in Hari Mirch Laal Mirch - Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari is one such woman who is living a dual life and is challenged by a stubborn bahu who just doesn’t get along with her saas. The show follows their journey of a clash of thought processes and how they come to terms with it.”

A never seen before Saas-Bahu jodi where one is teekhi and the other is Karaari, this show is sure to get both traditional and millennial viewers hooked to it.

You can now stream Hari Mirch Laal Mirch - Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari at 8:30 PM on MX Player and Azaad, every Monday to Saturday. You can also watch the show on demand for free, exclusively only on MX Player.

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