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Female characters have evolved from princesses in need of saving to the spirited individuals that take on challenges head first. From gowns and white horses to crowns and armors, they have taken breaking stereotypes a notch higher by showcasing how far they can really go. Whether it's Elsa taking over the reins as Queen in Frozen or Raya’s epic adventure to restore peace and calm in her land of Kumandra in soon-to-release Raya and The Last Dragon, there are several such female characters  in titles on Disney+ Hotstar Premium who inspire and empower. Here’s a list of 5 such characters who deliver strong messages, and teach the younger generation to take charge!

Raya in Raya and the Last Dragon

Now streaming  on Disney+ Hotstar PremiumRaya and The Last Dragon takes us on an exciting and inspiring journey of a princess who fights evil to save her loved ones. With strong grit and determination, Raya rose for her people to find the last dragon in order to save the fantasy world of Kumandra. Having grown up to be a resilient warrior, she shattered the idea that only a son can be a successor. With wit as sharp as her blade, this lone warrior comes with strength and compassion the land needs. Golden Globe–winning actress, writer and producer Awkwafina, who has voiced the Sisu dragon in the movie, said she is elated to be a part of Raya and The Last Dragon as the strong female character in the film will empower women just as other animated characters have been inspiring audiences over generations.

Elsa in Frozen

Elsa, the icy girl, is a powerful queen. Mindful of her powers she still accepted her flaws to be better. The story of Elsa from Frozen is a true epitome of empowerment that beautifully showcases that she doesn't require any man to complete her.  In an inspiring act of sisterhood, Elsa turns hostile to save her family, especially sister from her uncontrollable powers. Learning to be better and use her power for the good of others, Elsa returns to Arendele as the queen in the time of need. Elsa is more like a millennial woman who is self-sufficient.

Moana in Moana

Moana is another empowering female character that has been loved by audiences around the world. When it comes to matching the magnificence of her father in his role as chief of Motunui Island, Moana faces a major identity crisis but comes through and proves that she has the qualities of being a leader. Seeing the plants and fish on her island dying, young Moana goes on the quest to help her land and its inhabitants. Meeting demigod Maui, Moana becomes the master way finder bringing her land peace and life. In the process of showing immense courage and duty towards her people, Moana finds her own self.

Mulan in Mulan

Mulan breaks stereotypes in many ways, right from being the first South Asian representative in the Disney list of characters to being a true go beyond limits to save her ill father. Fighting neck to neck with the men around in disguise of a man herself, she proved her strength and determination. She is brave as a warrior, she is intelligent while swiftly hiding her identity from the troop and is compassionate to her family, she is all a woman is made of that goes beyond beauty and sophistication.

Merida in Merida

Merida, is like a breath of fresh air who wants to explore beyond the limits shown to her. It becomes even more difficult for her to break through belonging to the royal family. However, she finds the courage to do what she wants and follows her heart. Saving her mother and taking up charge of her responsibility shows her respect of her origin and where she comes from. Being true to her own self she still holds her duty towards her family as priority. With immense love for her mother, Merida is truly every girl's inner wild beast.

Rapunzel in Tangled

Rapunzel is the naive and young girl who is kept aloof from the society in order to curb her powers. Finding the will to give her curiosity the wings to fly she ends up finding her people. With kindness in your heart not all war would need swords, few need the will to make sacrifices for larger good. Portraying her inner courage, Rapunzel let’s go of her beautiful hair to save millions of lives. Choosing family over anything else requires a brave heart too. She gives us the belief to have faith in yourself to make wonders happen.

Enjoy the journey of these fierce young women including the new inspiring tale of Raya and The Last Dragon premiering on 4th June  with your families only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

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