The 11 Most Memorable Scenes From A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story is one of the most memorable Christmas movies out there. Since its release, it’s been on numerous “Best Christmas film” lists, including lists by IGN and AOL. Whether you watch the movie every year or it’s been some time since you’ve seen it, it’s clear that A Christmas Story has lasting charm. Here are 11 of the most memorable scenes that happen in the house from A Christmas Story.

- The Bunny Suit

One of the presents that Ralphie receives is a hot pink bunny suit from his Aunt Clara. His mom finds it adorable, but his dad says that he looks like “a deranged Easter bunny.” For Ralphie’s part, he feels like it’s embarrassing and annoying.

- Red Ryder BB Gun

The biggest plot point in A Christmas Story surrounds the Red Ryder BB gun. It’s the only thing he wants for Christmas, but his requests for the BB gun are brushed off, with the refrain “You’ll shoot your eye out!” becoming a recurring concern from his friends and family.

- The Hound Dogs

Ralphie’s family has to deal with a lot during the Christmas season. One of the things they deal with are the hound dogs that belong to the Bumpus family, who are hillbillies that live next door. These dogs eventually get into their home and eat the turkey on Christmas.

- Discount Christmas Tree

During the movie, the family bargains to get a good deal on a live Christmas tree. They then cover this tree in tinsel and lights, hoping it to be the main attraction. Unfortunately, their excitement is overshadowed by the electrical issues that the home is facing, as the home blows a fuse.

- The Furnace

The furnace regularly has problems in this home. When it starts blowing soot up into the rest of the home, Ralphie’s dad, who’s referred to as “The Old Man,” tries to go down into the basement to fix it. In this case, he falls down the stairs after stepping on some skates, shouting “a tapestry of obscenities” that Ralphie learns some swear words from.

- The Leg Lamp

The leg lamp is probably the most iconic prop from the movie. After Ralphie’s dad wins it as a “major award” in a contest he entered, he tries to display it prominently in the home. However, Ralphie’s mom hates it and “accidentally” destroys it.

- Car Hubcap

At one point, the family car gets a flat tire, and Ralphie tries to help out with the hubcap. However, he accidentally yelps out a profanity, which he refers to as “’Oh, fudge’ – only I didn’t say ‘fudge.’”

- Soap in the Bathroom

Ralphie’s mother overhears him saying the swear word, then takes him to the bathroom to wash his mouth out with soap. He ironically states that, “Over the years, I got to be quite the connoisseur of soap,” indicating that he had said these swear words once or twice before.

- Ovaltine Decoder

Ralphie is a huge fan of the radio program Little Orphan Annie, and drinks gallons of Ovaltine to mail away for a decoder. He’s upset to find out that the decoded message on the radio program is just a commercial for Ovaltine.

- Practice Target

Amazingly, Ralphie actually does get his new BB gun for Christmas. He sets up a practice target, which ricochets and causes him to fear that he actually did shoot his eye out.

- Black Bart Attacks

An imaginary bandit named Black Bart attacks Ralphie’s backyard, but Ralphie defends his home with his BB gun, which he’s started referring to as “Old Blue.” The scene has all the cowboy charm that Ralphie imagines he could have with a BB gun at his side.


A Christmas Story is a constant in the world of Christmas movies for a reason. There are many other vignettes that you might notice throughout A Christmas Story, so next time you sit down to watch it, don’t be afraid to find your favorite.

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