How 'The Lion King' Inspired Shreya Chaudhry

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Bandish Bandits star Shreya Chaudhry has been constantly impressing her fans with her glamorous fashion avatar and her fitness goals.  Her positive attitude and happy go lucky nature make her a favourite amongst all. Life often throws multiple challenges when they are least expected, and having a positive mantra helps one tackle the obstacles and live a happy life.

Shreya Chaudhry talks about the secret life mantra that helps her to sail through tough times. 'Hakuna Matata', a well-known phrase meaning 'there are no troubles or worries' is exactly the mantra that keeps the diva going.

Talking about the same, Shreya Chaudhry mentions, "I believe life is like a maze. Often, life makes you go through multiple ups and downs and you keep feeling anxious about what's next. I follow one simple mantra in my life that interestingly I learnt from The Lion King song 'Hakuna Matata', which means no worries. I know everyone faces their own shares of problems rejections struggles but I believe it’s important to move forward, work towards a goal, without worrying too much about the end result. It helps me take actions in the right decision."

Shreya Chaudhry's debut performance in Bandish Bandits for Amazon Prime Video was widely appreciated.

A version of this article was first published in Transcontinental Times.

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