Game of Thrones (Season 8), Episode 6: 'The Iron Throne' Review

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

The Game of Thrones saga has finally come to its end. The last episode of the eighth and final season of GoT titled 'The Iron Throne' is out.

Spoilers Ahead

The destruction at the end of episode 5 was so fierce that even Cersei got a panic attack. She really looked terrified seeing that the end is nigh for her. Episode 6 picks up with King's Landing in ashes with Dany having completed her great destruction. In the streets, Greyworm and the Unsullied are busy killing the remaining soldiers of Cersei's army. Jon intervenes but Greyworm refuses to obey him. When Jon tries to stop him the Unsullied prepare to attack him. Ser Davos intervenes and requests Jon to talk to the queen first as Greworm continues with the executions. Meanwhile Tyrion is able to locate the corpses of Jamie and Cersei buried in the rubble. Needless to say, he is absolute devastated. 

Soon Dany arrives on Drogon to greet her army on their terrific victory. She tells them that their job is not done. Having freed Westeros they must now free the rest of the world. Tyrion walks towards her. She looks at him in disgust and tells him, "You freed your brother. You committed treason". Tyrion retorts, "I freed my brother and you slaughtered the city." He then throws away the 'Hand of the Queen' pin as Dany has him arrested with Jon standing there as a silent witness. Next Jon goes and meets Tyrion who reminds him about the importance of duty and reason over love. He also tells him that Varys was right after all and that he isn't afraid of dying. He also reminds Jon about the threat that awaits him and his sisters. But Jon seems to be in no mood to turn against her beloved queen.

In the next scene, Dany is standing next to the Iron Throne and she is extremely happy with what she has achieved. Jon pays her a visit and she is happy to see Jon. He asks her to pardon Tyrion but she refuses. She then tries to convince Jon to rule the world together and show the world what good means. Jon argues that her version of good may not go well with the people who already have developed their own understanding of good. "They don't get to choose," Dany declares. She embraces Jon and the two share a deeply intimate moment after Jon promises her, "You are my queen... now and always". Suddenly the two separate as we learn that Jon has mortally stabbed her. She falls down with blood flowing out of her mouth and nose. Jon looks devastated but deep down he knows that it was the only option he had. Dany was pure evil and so she had to be eliminated for the world to survive. Funny? Isn't it? Well, you can't make a perfectly sane person who risked her dragons and army (read everything) and existence to rescue human life against the dead into the most terrible person ever. You take the Mad King, Robert, Mountain, Tywin, Cersei, Walder Frey, Jofrey, Ramsey, Stannis and others and you multiple that by 100 and even then Dany's evil deeds will outweigh it. Is it really justified? Maybe we could have still digested it had it taken say one full season for her to walk this path of destruction. 

With Jon sitting next to Dany's body suddenly Drogon arrives sensing her death. Drogon is mad but instead of roasting Jon, perhaps bowing to his Targaryen lineage, the dragon takes the anger out on the Iron Throne, melting it within seconds. Drogon then takes the mother of dragon away holding her in its big claw. The screen blacks out and we next see Tyrion with a long beard still held in chains. He is being taken to a council of lords who have assembled from all of Westeros. Clearly a lot of time has passed away since Jon stabbed Dany. Sansa asks Greyworm to bring Jon as well but he refuses. When she threatens him that thousands of Northerners are waiting outside he threatens her back that thousands of Unsullied are also waiting here to stop them. Davos intervenes to stop any further bloodshed. Greyworm is clear that he wants fitting punishment for Tyrion and in particular Jon. Tyrion yet again speaks out of turn to remind the lords that they are capable of electing their king or queen. He proposes Bran's name and everybody agrees. Bran accepts and makes Tyrion his hand. Jon is send back to the Night's Watch. And everyone is happy. I mean are you kidding? When Bran is offered the lordship of Winterfell, he is like "Oh, I mostly live in the past". When he is offered the throne, he says, "Why do you think I came all this way". Can you seriously imagine? It's like Jon was a bastard and all this while Bran was the Stark male heir who was desperately waiting to grasp the opportunity.

Anyways, with all things settled Greyworm sails with the Unsullied towards the island of Naath, Missandei's abode. Sansa is made the Queen of the North. Arya leaves to discover what lies beyond the known world. Brienne becomes the Kingsguard. Poddrick is a Knight. Grandmaester Sam presents Tyrion, now the Hand of King Bran the Broken, with a book of history titled 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Bronn is the new master of Coins. The posts of Master of Whispers, Master of Laws and Master of War are up for grabs. Bran inquires about Drogon and learns that the dragon was last sighted in the East. "The father the better," Tryion sighs. Bran tells them that perhaps he will have to take care of Drogon himself, reminding everyone that he is still the Three Eyed Raven. Lord Davos has the responsibility to rebuild the armada and repair ports. So everybody gets some thing and the new king's new small council discusses ways of using money with Bronn talking about the need to reestablish brothels in the city. Brienne concludes that ships take precedence over brothers and the council's continue to discuss their affairs. Finally Jon unites with Tormund and Ghost and the process of resettling the the survivors beyond the wall begins and that's that. 

Clearly, the ending and season 8 at large surely didn't satisfy me one bit and the fans have already signed petitions to have it remade but if you happened to like it then the thought really makes me feel happy.

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