Game of Thrones (Season 8), Episode 4: 'The Last of the Starks' Review

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

The Game of Thrones saga is fast approaching its end. The eighth and final season is slowly but surely moving towards its finale. I have just finished watching the fourth episode of season 8 titled ‘The Last of the Starks’. After the fiasco which was the third episode of the season ‘The Long Night’—one of the most criticized episodes and one of the lowest rated ones in the history of Game of Thrones—everybody had been hoping for a better outing in Episode 4. At the risk of giving away major spoilers from Ep. 4, I would like to tell you that as expected the episode begins with a huge funeral ceremony during which the dead from the Battle of Winterfell were given an emotional farewell. The most touching was the moment when Dany kisses Jorah's corpse on the forehead.

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After a great beginning the episode slowly marches on to get down to the business. Danny announces that a great war has been won and now they must go for the kill and capture King’s Landing by dethroning Cersei. Soon the celebrations start and everybody is just busy drinking and it seems to go on endlessly. Tryion, Jamie and Brienne are involved in jest which ends when Tyrion brings up the question of her virginity. Tormund makes another failed attempt at impressing Brienne who finally gets her deepest desire fulfilled as Jamie makes to Arya. But Arya reminds him that she is not here to marry anyone.

Sansa finally meets the Hound who tells her that she is no longer the little bird she once was. He also tells her that had she run away with him many years ago from King’s Landing nothing bad would have happened to her. Sansa reminds him that then she would still be that little bird. Jon and Dany finally share some private moments. Dany reminds him about her worries and that Jon’s true lineage should always be a secret. Jon yet again offers her his allegiance but Dany isn’t satisfied but Jon can’t promise her to keep it a secret. He subsequently meets Sansa and Arya and tells Bran to reveal it to them after both agree to keep it a secret.

Bronn pays a visit to Jamie and Tyrion and threatens them, even punching the Imp in the nose. Tyrion desperately offers him High Garden in lieu of Cersei’s offer of Riverun and he accepts it. Sansa finds it hard to keep the secret to herself and reveals it to Tyrion who in turn tells it to Varys. Now, Varys and Tyrion start talking about the different possibilities. Varys makes it clear that Jon would have a much better choice to sit on the Iron Throne but Tryion reminds him that it would be treason.

Dany attacks King’s Landing with her two dragons and the remaining Unsullied soldiers but Euron stymies all her attempts. He not only kills Rhaegal using the special crossbow created by Qyburn but also decimates Dany’s fleet. Missandei gets captured by Cersei. This leaves Dany furious and she plans to destroy King’s Landing but Tyrion and Varys request her to be more reasonable (remember, Jon and forces are on their way but it will take some time before they join Dany’s already weakened army). She marches towards the castle with a very small force and a dragon as Tyrion and Qyburn discuss terms of peace. While Dany wants Cersei to surrender and release Missandei, Cersei too wants Dany to surrender. Tyrion also tries to convince Cersei to release Missandai but she orders the zombie-esque Mountain to behead Missandei, making it loud and clear that she is not afraid of anyone.

Everybody on Dany’s side in particular Dany and Greyworm are aghast to see this dreadful sight. Clearly now nothing can calm down Dany. She will either destroy Cersei or get perished doing so. Also, when Jamie hears about Cersei’s charge on Dany’s forces he immediately leaves for King’s Landing. Brienne tries to stop him but he reminds her about the terrible things that he has done for Cersei. Apparently, his love for Cersei is still very strong and it appears that Cersei is only going to get stronger once Jamie joins her. Or maybe Jamie would actually slay her and fulfill the prophecy. Episode 5 is again directed by Sapochnik and we will see another major battle in that episode before the things finally wind down in the season finale. 

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The biggest problem with the episode 4 is that everything feels so rushed with a sensing of carelessness creeping into the scheme of things. There is no regard given to time, space, and geography and logic for that matter has been thrown out of the window.  It's indeed a curse that as fans we still have to watch Game of Thrones.  

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