Game of Thrones (Season 8), Episode 5: 'The Bells' Review

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

The Game of Thrones saga has all but approached its end. The penultimate episode of the eighth and final season of GoT titled 'The Bells' is out.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5 was always going to be that big episode wherein Dany would finally claim the Iron Throne. The last episode had ended on a grim note for Dany. Not only did she lose another dragon but she also lost Missandei. Cersei in her madness has yet again overestimated her resources. Or has she? The title of Ep.5 actually refers to the bells which are supposed to be rung in case the city is forced to surrender. 

The fifth and penultimate episode of the last and final season begins with Varys learning that Dany is not eating anything. When Jon arrives Varys tries to convince him that he would make a better ruler than Dany but all his reason falls on deaf ears. Tyrion who sees Varys talking to Jon confesses to Dany that someone has betrayed her. "Is it Jon?", she asks. "Varys", he replies. Dany learns that Jon told it to Sansa who told it to Tyrion who in turn told Varys. Dany is not pleased but she forgives Tyrion one last time. Alas, Varys is not so lucky! He is arrested by Greyworm in the middle of the night and is burned alive in front of Jon and Tyrion who merely has the time to tell him that it was him who told Dany about his seditious activities.

Clearly Dany has lost the plot. By executing Varys she probably wants to put fear in the hearts of Jon, Tyrion and everyone else but she perhaps forgets that it may well tarnish her image in their eyes forever.

Next as per the tradition of GoT, Dany, riding the Drogon, decimates everything, right from Euron's Iron Fleet to the Golden Company. We all know that the show is designed in a way that what looks easy cannot be achieved so easily but what looks difficult can ultimately be made to look like a cinch. Last week we all thought Dany is done and dusted but this week she destroyed almost everything in King's Landing without even breaking a sweat. All those Scorpions are no good anymore. The funny thing is that she achieves what her father Mad King couldn't. Yes, she burns them all even when the Lannister soldiers are willing to surrender. The bells ring but Dany refuses to listen. She just keeps on burning everything and everyone like some insolent brat. 

The destruction is so fierce that even Cersei gets a panic attack of sorts. In the end when she reunites with Jamie (whose child she is carrying in her womb) she really looks terrified seeing that the end is nigh for them.  The episode also features the much awaited fight between the Clegane brothers and it's as vicious as a fight can be. There is another ugly fight between Jamie and Euron. The editing is terrible in both these fighting sequences. The jumps in the Euron-Jamie fight scene are just obnoxious.

The episode ends with Arya riding away from King's Landing which has been burnt to ashes. What we thought was snow in the rushes is actually ash. Once again time, space, geography and logic go for a toss. That's what happens when you want to end things in a jiffy. Just like Dany has destroyed everything, Benioff and Weiss too have destroyed everything. Maybe it's all George RR Martin's doing. He has destroyed the TV series because he wants people to read his upcoming books. I really hope that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss don't get to helm (read ruin) another project of this scope ever.

Now just one episode is left and it remains to be seen if Jon would finally have a change of heart about Dany, having seen her destroy everything and massacring innocent people. It would be interesting to see how Sansa reacts to all this and where Tyrion and Bran would end up. Also, we are not sure if Jamie and Cersei are really dead. 

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