Writer-Director-Actor Karan Razdan’s ‘The Secret Law of Blessing’ gets showcased at IHC

Writer-Director-Actor Karan Razdan’s book ‘The Secret Law of Blessing’ was recently showcased at the Indian Habitat Centre in presence of some of the most eminent names from the field of law. During the event Karan Razdan talked about his spiritual journey which started thirteen years ago when he started practicing Buddhism. Since then he read Osho extensively and got inspired by the writings of Maharishi Ramanna and Swami Vivekananda. The Secret Law of Blessing is the second book authored by him that follows ‘Tantra and Tantrika’. 

The event was organized by Ashi Foundation in collaboration with AB Tutorials. The session with Karan Razdan was moderated by the bestselling author Vinita Bakshi. The Secret Law of Blessing is product of five years of hard work and features experiences that the author has experienced firsthand as well as the knowledge and learning he has gained during his years of research. The book endeavors to help the reader become the master of his/her destiny through simple but empowering ways. 

The ideals central to the book is one of the spiritual laws of nature that not only govern this universe but also our life on the planet: The Secret Law of Blessing. Once a person aligns oneself with the law of Blessing, one has the power of invoking the blessings of those whose lives one is in touch with. The author is a strong believer of the power of receiving and giving blessings.

Karan Razdan discusses his book with Vinita Bakshi, The Secret Law of Blessing

So if you want to break free of the negativity and unhappiness that envelops you then this book is certainly a way forward in that it will help you see life with a fresh perspective, allowing you to entirely become a new person capable of celebrating life, experience its endless bounties and enjoy the abundance of success. 

The interaction was followed by a musical performance by renowned poetess and singer Chinmayi Tripathi. 

You can buy your copy of ‘The Secret Law of Blessing’ at the following links:

1. Amazon
2.  Flipkart

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