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You cry, you snort, you fall. Your pet’s been there for you through it all!

There are a lot of things that most don’t know, except for your best binge partner- your pet. A whopping majority of 88% of Indian members have watched Netflix with with their pets. So, they’ve seen it all- the good, bad, ugly and disgusting. Not only have they seen what’s on your Netflix ‘Now Watching’, but there by your side, munching on popcorn while you do!

Whether it’s you cheating on your significant other with your current binge, that fact that you’re *probably* sharing/ mooching off someone else’s account, your never-ending list of shows and movies to watch, the number of times you’ve rewinded an episode to watch a steamy scene or the number of times you’ve watched your favourite chick-flick, your pet knows you better that you know yourself!

Have you been cheating?
There may have been instances when you and your hooman partner have decided to watch the next episode of a show together. But in this classic case of curiosity killing the hooman, you couldn't resist the temptation of cheating. As always, your pet comes to your rescue with a forgiving eyes, full of understanding and unfiltered love for you. So maybe this isn't such a bad thing, right?

Your confidant
Let’s face it, your ‘My List’ is embarrassing. You have an annoyingly long list of shows and movies the you NEED to see, but haven’t had the time for. But sometimes, there are certain shows that you’ve shamelessly binged over and over again, but you really can’t tell anyone because that’s what you did when you texted your friend on a Friday night saying, “Can’t make it. Held up at work.” Your pet won’t say a word, you can be certain of that.

Sharing (*cough cough*) accounts
You’re one for supporting entertainment, encouraging artists, or you may be known as the Netflix whiz kid among your friends, but do you pay for your own account? Your pet has seen you entertain countless people. Be it date nights to fright nights, they sure know who’s the one behind your unlimited supply of entertainment!

Double take, rewind, rewatch
There are times when you’d watch a scene that’ll make you paws (geddit?), rewind and rewatch. Whether it’s Billy taking his shirt off in ‘Stranger Things 2’, or Sheila’s gross eating habits in ‘Santa Clarita Diet 2’, your pet will keep your secret (and support you, in certain cases).

Your Needs
When we settle into the groove of a good binge, there’s no stopping us. Time and space are two constructs that begin to fade away when you’ve just started with ‘House of Cards’, or ‘Narcos’. While your pet would want you to take them for a walk or feed them, they seem to be just as hooked as you are!

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