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With the Oscar season around the corner, we have a chance to look back at the best films and documentaries that artists have given us over the years. While everyone’s bites their nails for the announcement of the best cast, direction and cinematography, we often forget the one medium that binds all this brilliance to give us 120 minutes of pure, unadulterated marvel.

Music has the power to move you, two notes can send a shiver down your spine, make you feel terror or love at first sight. We’re going to take you down memory lane with films that were nominated for their breathtaking soundtrack over the years. Sit back, Netflix and relax with the best of what creative minds put together for your enjoyment.


From the man who brought us brilliant music in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Imitation Game’, Alexandre Desplat does it again with ‘Argo’. The Academy nominated the French film composer for the soundtrack inspired by Iranian instruments, that added flavour to an excellent storyline and direction.


The maestro Hans Zimmer has blessed earth with yet another gem with the soundtrack of Inception. A sound engineer of stellar class, Zimmer loves to experiment and dissect notes to create new sounds which then become this trademark. With ‘Inception’, he proves yet again, that he is the genius we need.

The Adventures of Tintin

A huge part of your childhood will consist of John Williams’ musical direction and reading Tintin comics through the night. From making you re-live feelings one ‘ouch’ at a time, Williams has given us yet another masterpiece with this jazzy and energetic soundtrack. Though this may not have been his best, the Academy nomination was very much deserved.

Django Unchained

The music for this film is a bowl of familiarity and goodness. By using a variety of genres, resting heavily on the spaghetti western soundtrack, Ennio Morricone brings the most popular names in the music industry like Rick Ross, Anthony Hamilton and John Legend to seal the deal to this Tarantino film.


British film composer, Steven Price has directed the sound for the most well-known films in Hollywood like ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Fury’ and ‘The World’s End’. The solo violin gives the movie a hauntingly beautiful, capturing the essence of space. When there’s a lot of panic and mayhem in the film, the music is what sets the calm atmospheric sound.


Carter Burwell composed, produced and orchestrated the soundtrack of the film ‘Carol’. Classical instruments like the soulful piano and violin keeps the soundtrack light and delicate, perfectly capturing the romance between Carol and Therese. The original score for ‘Carol’ soothes, and soars leading to its win.

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