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Whether you’re a poker superstar or totally clueless in the casino, there’s something about gambling movies that excite people. Nothing glamorizes the world of high-stakes games like Hollywood, and it helps when the characters on-screen aren’t playing with real finances. have put together an infographic detailing all the greatest on-screen bets, ranging from classic '30s films to modern day blockbusters.

Some of these tales are based on real life, like the movie ‘21’ which tells the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team, whose card counting skills won them a cool $650,000 in an evening. Others are less realistic, such as when Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz’s characters in ‘What Happens in Vegas’ nonchalantly win $3 million at a Vegas casino with a single quarter.

For those familiar with the extravagant ways of James Bond, it might come as no surprise to find out that ‘Casino Royale’s $115 million final pot is the biggest on-screen win, thanks to some gifted chips from another player. The biggest loss comes in the form of a classic 1936 film, ‘The Sting’, where a con man tricks a gangster into losing $500,000 on a single horse. While $500,000 might seem like a modest amount for the drama of Hollywood, with inflation that same amount would be worth about $8.8 million in today’s money. With that perspective, it’s truly an eye-watering loss.

Both casino regulars and movie buffs can take something away from this infographic, so read on to brush up on your big screen knowledge and decide which of these moments was most memorable for you.

Infographic: The Biggest Bets on Screen

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