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We invite movie-buffs from across the globe to contribute as authors to A Potpourri of Vestiges. If you are passionate about cinema and want your voice to be heard then this is your opportunity. If, however, you already are an established author then you can surely leverage upon your association with us to further diversify your readership base. Operating since October 2011, A Potpourri of Vestiges is dedicated to the cause of propagating the power of cinema to every nook and corner of the globe. During the last 4 years or so, we have gone from a position of strength to strength. Today, we enjoy a strong and ever growing readership base, a healthy mix of masses and aficionados, uniformly distributed all across the globe. We also have a strong social media presence, with a considerably large number of followers and subscribers on facebook (10000+ likes and presence on dozens of groups), google plus, twitter, and other platforms. We would soon be completing 2 million hits. As we continue this amazing journey, we are really keen on bringing together film enthusiasts from across the globe.

For the last couple of years, a number of learned personalities (authors, scholars, filmmakers, critics, etc.) have been obliging us with their well-researched, profound, and thought-provoking articles. We would very much like to take it to the next level. We want to give you an opportunity to use us as your very own mouthpiece to voice your opinions on the world of entertainment at large. So, anyone of you interested in sharing his/her thoughts on cinema/movies/television is more than welcome to contribute to A Potpourri of Vestiges, subject to our guidelines. We would be happy to publish any relevant piece of writing (written in English only) like movie/TV series reviews, essays, articles, lists, biographies, etc. as long as the content of the article is original and previously unpublished. However, the article should not be directed towards gaining any undue commercial benefit. 

Please make sure to read the following guidelines before sending your entries across:

1. All those film enthusiasts who want to contribute to A Potpourri of Vestiges may mail us at: or
2. We would be happy to publish any piece of writing (in standard English only) relevant to the entertainment niche: critiques, reviews, essays, articles, biographies, etc.
3. We will only publish original content—it must be previously unpublished and free from any kind of plagiarism
4. The article should not have any (hidden or otherwise) commercial obligations
5. If you are looking for a backlink then we will be happy to give it to a site or a blog that you personally own; we will not link back to any client or affiliate site(s)
6. If, however, you are looking for any link back on behalf of your client or employer, there is a separate channel for such promotions/commercial placements
7. Once an article is published the authors are free to put it up on their personal blogs or elsewhere with a disclaimer stating that it was originally published at A Potpourri of Vestiges with a link back to the same

8. Along with the article, please don't forget to send us your short bio as well as a head shot
Readers, please feel free to share your views/opinions in the comment box below. As always your insightful comments are highly appreciated!

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