Indiana Jones to return to the big screen in July 2019

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg to team up for Indiana Jones 5

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Indiana Jones to return to the big screen in July 2019, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg

We have some great news for Indiana Jones fans. The famed archaeologist and explorer essayed, in as many as four films, by Harrison Ford will return to big screen for his fifth outing in July 2019. Yes, you heard it right! The director-actor duo of Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be reuniting for yet another Indiana Jones adventure. Indiana Jones 5 will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Here's what Alan Horn, Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, said while making the announcement:

Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019. It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.

Harrison Ford was recently seen in the Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens wherein he reprised his iconic role of Han Solo. Ford will also be seen in the much anticipated Blade Runner sequel to be helmed by Denis Villeneuve. Now that the veteran actor has given his nod for the fifth Indiana Jones movie the circle seems complete. In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly few months back, Ford had said: “I must say that I think the luck of my career is that, between Star Wars and Indiana Jones, I had the opportunity to bank a bunch of films that are reintroduced to succeeding generations, which basically have kept me… at least they’ve kept [audiences] acquainted with me. And that's been good for me”.

Interestingly, both Ford and Spielberg had kept the door open for another Indiana Jones movie ever since the release of the fourth Indiana Jones movie back in 2008. While we are now certain about their involvement in Indiana Jones 5, we cannot say the same about George Lucas, who having sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Co, has handed over its reins to Kennedy who also presided over the proceedings of The Force Awakens

Ford's confirmation to do the new Indiana Jones film has quashed rumors regarding a possible franchise reboot with some new actor playing the eponymous hero. Thank god for that!

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  1. Wow great news. But July 2019 is so far away. Can't wait.

  2. Don't you worry for time flies away :-)

  3. Hello!

    Watching the Original Indiana Jones film as a Child was one of the most entertaining experiences I've ever known, now, as a film reviewer myself, I've began to look into other films. But I didn't focus upon the entertainment, I focus upon the Philosophy. I've seen all of The Indiana Jones films, but was not really a fan of them. Still, there's no harm in looking into the newest film in the Indiana Jones Franchise!


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