Daler Mehndi unveils a soulful love ballad with a unique blend of thumri and hip hop music

Daler Mehndi, renowned for his foot-tapping dance numbers, brings his latest single "Koyalia" by DRecords. This unique track blends Indian classical thumri with new age hip hop trap, showcasing Mehndi's versatility as a musician.

"Koyalia" is a love ballad that delves into the emotions of heartbreak, with lyrics in Punjabi that express the longing and reminiscing of a lost love. The title itself, "ronni e tenu yaad karke," translates to "I cry missing you." Co-written by Daler Mehndi and the talented UK-based artist and singer N.S Chauhan, the song's composition is hummable and has a sing-along quality that showcases Mehndi's musical prowess.

In a departure from his signature dance numbers, "Koyalia" is an easy-listening lounge track that brings together traditional Indian melodies with modern hip hop and trap beats. The song promises to be a shift from Mehndi's usual style, displaying his artistic versatility and willingness to experiment with different genres.

The violin section in "Koyalia" soars to new heights, adding a touch of grandeur and intensity to the track. With its signature Daler Mehndi energy, the phrase "main teri" resonates powerfully, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The fusion of classical thumri and modern hip hop trap elements, combined with Mehndi's dynamic vocals, creates a captivating and unique musical experience. As the song reaches its peak, the violin section shines, showcasing the brilliance of Mehndi's musical arrangements and his ability to infuse traditional Indian melodies with contemporary elements. "Koyalia" promises to be a standout track that combines Mehndi's iconic style with fresh, innovative sounds, leaving fans eager for more.

The release of "Koyalia" will be followed by a remix version in a fortnight, featuring a progressive house EDM twist, remixed by DJ Leo Sound based in Singapore. With its unique fusion of musical styles and heartfelt lyrics, "Koyalia" is set to captivate listeners and leave them eagerly anticipating more from Daler Mehndi's latest musical venture.

Daler Mehndi says,  "During a recording session in the studio, I found myself composing a new song on the spot. The notes and lyrics of this thumri were resonating in my head and I couldn't resist the urge to bring them to life. With the help of NS Chauhan, who happened to be visiting from the UK, we collaborated to build the LYRICS OF THE song together. It was a truly electrifying experience as the words flowed effortlessly. I fused elements of Thumri and EDM to create something unique. In just two and a half hours, I completed the dubbing, and the end result was extremely satisfying. This impromptu creation was an energizing experience, and I can't wait for my fans to hear it."

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