Can the Amazon Prime Video series 'Dead Ringers' match the brilliance of the original David Cronenberg film?

Murtaza Ali Khan

Amazon Prime Video is coming out with a series starring Rachel Weisz called Dead Ringers on April 21 and by the looks of the trailer it does appear to be promising. But I would be greatly surprised if it even comes close to matching (let aside surpassing it) the brilliance of the David Cronenberg film on which it is based.

Over the years, I have been privileged enough to watch some of the best performances in cinema and one of my most favourites of course is Jeremy Irons' dual role in David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers (1988) in which he essays the twin gynecologist brothers. It's absolutely brilliant how Irons is able to give distinct identity to the both of them. It's really a testament to Jeremy Irons' acting genius that in each of his performances he is able bring a different dimension to his character thanks to his remarkable acting range.

Now, Dead Ringers, is a very complex film. Also, the double role of twin gynecologists that he plays is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever. It's such a haunting double bill performance and the only one that comes close to matching its brilliance is Nicolas Cage's double role performance in Adaptation.

While Irons won the Oscar for his turn in Reversal of Fortune, it was mostly The Academy trying to make up for snubbing him for Dead Ringers.

It remains to be seen if Rachel Weisz in her dual role of gynaecologist sisters (thanks to the gender flip which seems driven by the realisation that no male performer can possibly dream to come close to what Irons achieved in the 1988 film) can pull it off.

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