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One of Bollywood’s most iconic villains of all time and veteran actor, Gulshan Grover, partnered with ShareChat, India’s leading social media platform, to launch his new brand of men’s grooming products, BADMAN. The partnership involved a UGC campaign #ShareChatKaBadman, which saw participation from 500+ ShareChat users across six days, with 1.6M views. The campaign concluded with Gulshan Grover engaging directly with his fans in a special Chatroom session on 2nd April 2022, that was attended by over 85,000 users.

During the session, Gulshan talked about the inspiration behind creating the brand and how he envisions it will be able to serve his fans and admirers. While speaking about it, he mentioned how it is important for men to understand the need for grooming, breaking the stereotype and changing how we perceive the gender barrier in this domain. He appreciated ShareChat users for making the launch a massive success through their participation in the #ShareChatKaBadman campaign.

He also revealed how one-day renowned director Subhash Ghai invited him over for breakfast and casually offered him the iconic role of the ‘Badman’ in the movie Ram Lakhan. He shared stories from his early days of starting out as an actor and how he was able to find his niche and make a memorable legacy from it. He also talked about how people had certain presumptions regarding his personality because of his on-screen persona and how they found it difficult to believe that both of them are not the same person.

Speaking about the partnership, Gulshan Grover said, “It has been a great pleasure to be part of this project where we have been able to create herbal products for men and help them realize the importance and need for grooming. I’ve been part of developing these products along with Divisa Herbal Care to cater to the Indian audience and meet the country’s growing demands. ShareChat has been instrumental in bringing the brand to a larger audience and I was enthralled to see the talent on the platform.”

The live audio chat room feature allowed his fans to engage with him in the language they were most comfortable with. A few lucky users who participated in the UGC campaign got the opportunity to talk to him and showcase their talent in front of the legendary actor.

During the discussion, he also shared anecdotes from his career and how he gained recognition as one of the most formidable artists not just in India but globally. He even participated with fans as they enacted his famous dialogues, which made him reminisce about the glorious days of his career.

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