Publishing industry was once again ignored in the budget - Ashok Maheshwari, Managing Director of Rajkamal Prakashan Group

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Sharing his views on Budget 2022, Mr. Ashok Maheshwari, Managing Director of Rajkamal Prakashan Group, India's leading publishing house, said, we had high hopes that there would be some concession for the book publishing industry in this budget, but like the previous budget, publishing industry was once again ignored.

He said, like any other fields, the publishing industry was severely affected during the pandemic The cost of light paper used in the publication of books has increased by more than 30 percent. The prices of essential raw materials related to printing and binding of books have also increased by more than 25 percent. All this increase has happened only in the Corona period. Despite these difficulties, the publishing world played the role of a dedicated corona warrior in keeping people connected to books during the pandemic and keeping them away from loneliness and mental stress. It is still playing its role to its full potential.

But it urgently needs concessions and cooperation. We request the government to make provision for concession in the budget for the publishing world also. Book publishing is a business related to education and knowledge, which needs to be strengthened. Therefore, we request that the government should immediately address the difficulties of the publishing industry.

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