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Sinking into the skin of a character with several complexities is super challenging for any actor. It is very rare for an actor to essay a character of his passion and likes on screen. Actor Aditya Modak is elated and feels blessed as the young powerhouse of talent, essays the pivotal role of  a Hindustani classical musician, Sharad Nerulkar in Netflix’s upcoming Marathi drama, The Disciple. The film is set to release on the service on 30th April, 2021.

The talented actor is a musician in real life and is well versed in the intricacies of music and the impact it has. Being an integral part of the narrative, through the eyes of an artist, playing a musician came to him as a blessing and Aditya is grateful that he stumbled upon the opportunity to essay this character in this film.

Talking about his journey and character, Aditya Modak said, “I am a passionate musician by profession and thus slipping into the thoughts and mentality of Sharad Nerulkar on screen came in easy to me. Though I would say I am completely different from the Character. While the character was challenging and complex, I could relate to the themes, the thoughts, and the subtext underlining his mind in this impactful story. I largely resonated with the musical aspects of Sharad’s character but the physical transformation required a great deal of effort. I attended workshops, resorted to physical training, music rehearsals and am elated to be associated with a film like "The Disciple". It was undeniably one of the best experiences of my life and I am looking forward to the film’s release on a platform like Netflix.

The Disciple is a story of determination, dedication and endless discipline - the protagonist Sharad Nerulkar, is beautifully canvassed by Aditya Modak. Aditya, who is a musician himself, dons the role of a middle-class Marathi boy who sets out on the journey to attain absolute musical excellence.


Watch Aditya transform into Sharad on  ‘The Disciple’,  streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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