Masaba Masaba Review: A Dynamic Mother Daughter Duo And Their Exposed Personal Lives

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Shubhangi Jain

Netflix series “Masaba Masaba” offer a full potpourri of material to binge watch. Now with the onset of novel coronavirus, OTT platforms are gaining a lot of limelight. Because of which OTT platforms likeNetflix are focussing a lot on their content and are working hard to showcase a new, light and refreshing content to the audiences every time.

With an ongoing pattern of exhibiting everyday lives in the form of series which has substantially more material for character exploration than a story, we have seen series like Kota Factory and The Family Man beforehand and now this show ‘Masaba Masaba’ sets us into the real reel life of these two celebrities who are however finding happiness in the daily chores of life.

Masaba Masaba, a six episode series directed by Sonam Nair is a creative gander at the genuine adventure of Neena Gupta and her little girl Masaba Gupta, both assuming jobs like their genuine carries on with, yet served up with a colossal touch of fiction. The series focuses on Masaba Gupta who is a renowned fashion designer and her mother (Neena Gupta) who is an actress. Here we see Masaba’s debut as an actor. It seems that she has immanent genes of an actor. In spite of the fact that she needed to depict herself and didn't need to imitate any other person we see her natural and calm towards the camera.

The series begin with Masaba’s marriage and separation and how it impacted her personal and professional life. The series also includes the acclaimed Instagram post by Neena Gupta which read: "I live in Mumbai and (am) working as a good actor looking for good parts to play.” After which all of us know Neena Gupta was cast in ‘Badhai Ho’ which later became a superhit. Throughout the series we see Masaba to be an ambitious fashion designer whose company ‘House of Masaba’ is not doing well at the moment. While at the same time we see a meticulous advertiser, Dhariya Rana (Neil Bhoopalam), who is constantly sitting on her head, to finish her projects as per the given deadlines. Neena Gupta who is an exceptional actor is also seen searching for significant roles in films at her age, and for that she lives in Mumbai away from her better half who is in Delhi.

The show is not simply about the highs and lows which the mother daughter duo faced but additionally about their collaborations and erosions. The mother and daughter additionally love one another and are extremely promising and energetic about one another's success. The series is a parody on the present glamor world. The fashion and style business where a designer is consistently under strain to convey whether she is in her inventive stream or not. The entertainment world where a public award winning entertainer is dismissed everywhere in such a way that she had to make an Instagram post to get some work.

While at the same time, the pace of the show never drops. There are enthusiastic scenes, however, they are such pleasantly coordinated that you won't feel bored. The makers of the film have altogether done a great job. We see everybody has acted eminently regardless of whether he/she has a couple of scenes in particular: be it the vegetable grocer or the maid at Neena Gupta’s house. Rytasha Rathode (Gia) is a rockstar at whatever point she comes you realize something going to occur and secretary Gehena is pleasant. Amariah who is seen playing the mini Masaba role does a fab job in the series. She has done complete justice to her role and is seen identical to Masaba throughout the series. Neenaji is always a delight to see on screen. She not only acts but she just carries on everything so effortlessly.

Since Masaba has admitted recently that she wanted to be an actor but at the same time her mother was scared that she didn’t have a face for an Indian actress. We now hope that after watching the series the perception of people change, as Masaba has been seen as a young, confident woman.

On the whole, Masaba Masaba is a completely harmless series which truly deserves a one-time watch for its solid performers. At the same time we hope the makers come up with the second season soon so that we can dig deeper about their real lives.


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