I was mentally depressed when they body shamed me: Booo Sabki Phategi actor Saba Saudagar

Saba Saudagar has impressed the audiences with her acting chops with shows like Gandi Baat and Booo Sabki Phategi. While she believes her journey has just begun, the young and dynamic actor, who has also mastered the classical dance form ‘Kathak’ has been associated with the industry as a dance instructor even before she began her acting journey.

The industry has many criteria for aspiring actors which also includes a certain way to look and presentation. It is mandatory in glamour industry for female actors to look beautiful, slim and well groomed. However, maintaining it is not an easy task.

Saba reveals about how her body type led her into depression, “When I was diagnosed with PCOD, a certain medication was prescribed to me which had some adverse effect on my health and I started putting on almost 5-6 kgs of weight every week. I stopped stepping out of my house for almost one and a half years l was indoors as I started to hate the way I looked. People didn’t recognize me because of the way I looked, I was even body shamed. One fine day I was dehydrated and collapsed, and was admitted to the hospital. I was shattered, my confidence was lost.” 

She further adds, “I had to put double effort on my fitness because of PCOD. Today, I don’t really care what and how others think of me. I have shed all that extra weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which honestly is not easy but I do it for my happiness. I have no benchmark or the urge to live up to people’s expectations. I only do what I want to do, just for my happiness.”

Saba will soon be seen in a new web-series this month.

A version of this article was first published in Transcontinental Times.

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