'Baarish - Season 2' Review: Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain!

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Shubhangi Jain

After the success of the first season the much awaited sequel Baarish 2 is out. Ekta Kapoor’s Baarish Season 2 story is one more enthusiastic thrill ride romantic web series, conveying forward the romantic tale of Season 1 in which Gauravi (Asha Negi) and Anuj (Sharman Joshi) chose to marry each other in spite of family preferences and different contrasts. In Season 1, both sincerely love their separate families and wind up holding obedient obligations over their own affection.

In Season 2 , their after-marriage life is indicated where the class partition gets completely blown because of money related issues, family partialities, disdain, and envy. The circumstance spirals wild, prompting thought of partition too. The episodes are genuinely acceptable as a continuation in the clothing of a ton of dramatization and mental flare-ups. The season begins with Gauravi who has got her bail and is rescued from jail. Amidst any solaces of a sumptuous way of life, the couple begins anew with their relationship likewise seeing new exciting bends in the road. From hauling themselves out of joblessness to possessing a little 1BHK and purchasing a rich estate, Anuj and Gauravi remake their lives together just to self-destruct themselves.

In the midst of their excursions to restore their recover a superior way of life, Anuj and Gauravi get separated. Their relationship observes a lot of potholes and speed breakers however Anuj requests a separation. Does the couple withstand all the challenges life throws at them?  Well that you will be able to discover once you watch the season. Baarish Season 2 serves a superior watch than the first season. The first season felt superfluously long with the cliché sentimental minutes between the newly wedded couple with practically nothing new introduced. The subsequent season doesn't drive far away from the methodology. Nonetheless, the methodology is crisper.

Drama plays a decent game, at any rate to watch. The principal period of Baarish had blended the dregs of feelings in its watchers, in this way gifting them another romantic tale which had the slender film of the bars, but then had the limit of liquefying hearts. Most definitely, the script isn't exceptionally solid. It is only an unimportant instrument to energize the emotional conditions orchestrated in the plot. With desires set at an extraordinary stature, Baarish 2 doesn't create a way breaking content. Sharman Joshi's acting is commendable and he perfectly fits into the character. From a blameless adoring spouse to an irate dubious husband, he is a treat to watch. Asha Negi, as well, has done equity to her character.There were numerous things in the arrangement that didn't function admirably. The subplots were frail and the supporting characters were not balanced up. In addition, for an OTT group, this show appears to be progressively similar to an every day cleanser fit for the TV crowd. Numerous scenes are hauled for a really long time with numerous old hat thoughts, including the idea that the female character won't let out the slightest peep when wronged, the well established young lady was a gold digger, etc. The makers of the show give an excessive number of exciting bends in the road in a bombed endeavor to keep the crowd stuck to the screen however the arrangement turned out to be truly unsurprising after sometime.

Apart from the story and acting, Ekta Kapoor show consistently has some great music. With tune going through the air, the aroma of downpour could really be felt through the scores. Indeed, even before the story started, the disposition for watching it was already set. The show sure has thread bare plots yet can be looked for Sharman Joshi's acting execution. It fills in as an amusement source during the lockdown. In any case, in the event that you are not an aficionado of dramatization, you could completely neglect this show by but for those who like drama Baarish 2 is a not too bad break in the dullness of the COVID Lockdown.

Rating: 7/10

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